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Default EXIF Settings...


New over here and not spending as much time as I would like reading and seeing what others are doing.

Question : Where do I see the EXIF settings of pictures submitted? I would love to see at which speeds and apertures some pics were taken to try them myself.

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Any EXIF reader can see that information (it's embedded in the photos, unless a user's editor strips it out).

There are a number of EXIF viewers available that can act as internet browser addons, too.

I use more than one with Firefox (you can have more than one installed at the same time).

Exif Viewer by Alan Raskin and FxIF by Ted Mielczarek are both cross platform addons for Firefox (they work in Firefox, regardless of your operating system). But, note that only Alan Raskin's addon is compatible with newer Firefox versions.

An EXIF viewer with more Maker Notes information for many cameras is PhotoME

I use the latest Beta version (first download link on their downloads page). It's Windows only, but it also works in Wine under Linux if you install the GDI+ libraries mentioned on the download page:


If you install the Firefox addon mentioned on this page (after you install the main PhotoME application), you will see a new menu choice when you right click on an image in Firefox that lets you "Open using PhotoME". This only works with the Windows version of Firefox. With Linux, you'd need to install the Windows version of Firefox under Wine to get that menu option.


Opanda iEXIF is another popular EXIF reader that can work from a browser via addons available for IE and Firefox. It's Windows only. You have to install the main version for Windows Explorer and IE first, then install the Firefox addon (but, I no longer use it due to security warnings with newer versions of Firefox).


Many (if not most) image viewers and editors can also give you EXIF information if you download a photo and open it.
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Thanks Jim! I'll see if I can install something on my other PC.
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I find all the programs that I use to view jpegs have an EXIF reader built in. In Photoshop under File -- File Info.
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Opanda works nicely as an EXIF reader in IE without needing to download the file: http://www.opanda.com/en/iexif/ . Windows XP and higher will read the EXIF of any stored photo file through the Properties/Advanced function.

A. C.
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