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My apologies. You're right. In many of Hawaii Built's posts, he identified his camera as a Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D, but not in this one. I have the same camera, am familiar with the warranty status of the 5D and was able to point out the great potential for futility in purchasing an extended warranty for it.

And as to my statement that "extended warranties are usually a waste of money", two reasons come immediately to mind:

1. Some popular warranty companies quite often find ways to weasle out of paying off.

2. Most consumer electronic devices outlast the owner's desire for them to work versus their desire to replace them.
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Cool. Yeah, I guess I was caught a little off guard and felt my offering of experience and opinion, which I value greatly from others when I post, was sort of attacked unnecessarily. I always value the against the grain opinions just as much cause I try my best never to stand in line for the kool aid. Most of the time the majority does seem to offer the most collective reason but I do like that dissenting opinion every once in a while to at least help me see things differently.

Believe me. I'm with you for the most part. We've made that "poor" extended warranty decision on a few items and certainly watched the money circle down the drain as the electronic item worked fine well after it's fourth year, or, the end of the warranty. And, to your point, often times working well after we've bought a replacement. (Still have a TV from 1986 and a VCR from 1990 that work great. My first Playstation, $40 warranty, still works great! That $40 would have been $4,000+++ if invested for a lifetime.)

Again, that said, we did buy an extended car warranty as one of our first MAJOR purchases. I regretted it from the moment we signed the agreement until air conditioning and some electrical issue went bad, LITERALLY months after the car's own 5yr/60k warranty expired. The warranty more than paid for itself as confirmed by the dealership when the work was finished. (3rd party warranty by the way and the dealer had no dog in the hunt. They just confirmed the total cost.)

Like you and most, I see the "real" motive behind these retailer offerings. I now buy them only, and I DO buy them, for the things I think I may drop or things that get banged around. Example, VCR's, TV's, etc NO WAY! My camcorder, usually stationary and very focused on event, I opted out even though that item was $1000+

NOW, cameras??? They always seem to get sat down. Exposed to danger! Someone, a child, always wants to "Try..." etc, etc, etc. I DID BUY the extended warranty adding 10% to my DSLR and still have NO REGRETS in the world. That Playstation???

Guess it really depends on how exposed, how vulnerable the item is and how much it would hurt if you lost it with no replacement. On a $1500 camera, I didn't think twice. Again, knowing how "exposed" this thing will be at birthdays, ballparks, etc. With a few problems popping up, I'm now ecstatic I did buy the warranty but, of course, it's one of those bumper-to-bumper, no questions asked from a Big Box retailer.

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The only time I could see an extended warranty is on a refurm product where warranty is often lowered to 90 days from a year or more....

and even then I'd think twice..... because if actually repaired product (oten NOT the case, just returned or demo stuff that can no long be sold as new) whatever was wrong with it was fixed.

And then still for not more than a year for very low cost.

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I think most people are mistaking an extended warranty with what Ritz calls an Expanded Service Plan. An extended warranty covers manufacturers defects while the Ritz plan covers manufacturers defects and accidental damage like dropped equipment, submerged cameras, run over by the car damage, accidentally beaten with a baseball bat, etc. The only thing it doesn't cover is fire and theft. I have used it on several occasions with pretty decent results. It can be a little pricey but since my equipment tends to get treated kind of rough having a repair/replace plan has proven worthwhile for me. That one time the dslr decides it's too hot out and goes for a little swim or wants to experience what freefall feels like could make it worth it. For inexpensive, easily replacable P&S probably not worth it. For expensive equipment that may take a huge bite out of your pocket, it's something to consider.
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thanks for clarifying hobbit.

this is why i opted to take that plan when i bought my camera - it was good piece of mind knowing what was covered, and it let me really get comfortable with my camera and not hesitate to bring it along with me wherever i went. i decided to not renew my plan as TCav pointed out, i'm shooting a KM 5d that is no longer in production. heaven forbid if something broke, i'd just have to make the move into sony.

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