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Default Export help...

Someone please explain to me if I was to export a 640x640 photo, would the 640 x640 degrade the original resolution? Or export at original size would look better. By not exporting at original size, do i just lose the file size and not the resolution.
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I'm not sure what you are trying to do, but anytime you throw away pixels, you throw away information and thus degrade the photo. How much degradation takes place and is that amount worth some other gain, have to be figured out for each case.

If all you are trying to do is cut file size, the best answer is to buy more memory and/or disk space.
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I'm also not quite sure what you're asking, but if you have a larger image that you export to a smaller file containing a lower resolution image, you still have the larger, higher resolution original. (That is, if you do a Save As... and give it a different file name and/or save it in a different location.)

If you export a JPG image to a new file using the same resolution, the JPG file will be recompressed, and some detail will be lost, but the resolution will stay the same.
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