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Default Extension Tube and Filter for G3?

What size of lens adapter tube is specified for the Canon G3? One dealer told me it was 52mm and another says 58mm. :roll:

Also, does anyone have a recommendation for a good quality polarizing filter and a source for same? If I understand correctly, it needs to be a circular one for digital cameras.

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Not sure what adapter fits on the G3. Go to www.2filters.com and call them. They are very helpful. I have purchased several filters and a lens from them.
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The G3 doesn't have an adapter thread on the camera body/lens base like some digital cameras do... instead it's got one of those turn-and-snap-fit connector for external lens adapters--the same kind you see on the lens hoods for SLR lenses.

From Steve's review of the G3:

"The optional Conversion Lens Adapter LA-DC58B lets you use the special Canon conversion lenses and 58mm filters."

Check out his review here--there are some pictures of the lens mount and the adapters available.
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Also, in the case of other cameras (I don't know the G3 but I'll use the Olympus C-7x0 series for example), the body thread is a set amount but you can get different tubes with different filter diameters. For the Oly C-7x0 you can get 55mm, 52mm, 46mm, and 37mm.

For the G3, the tube has a bayonet mount...the stock one from Canon (according to previously mentioned) is 58mm for the filter thread...but you can also get a 52mm from http://www.2filter.com/prices/products/digitubes.html

It all depends on what you need. I know in the case of the C-7x0 many people get the 52mm because it's more common, but in my case I got the 55mm because that's what my SLR uses and I could use the filters I already have.
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