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My new 160GB external HD is a delight after using hundreds of CD's for image storage and never bothering to browse through to see what I might want to work on. My intent was to start with the external HD and then add a DVD writer for duplicate archiving. Now I'm wondering about just adding a second external HD duplicating the first instead of buying DVD writer.

My question regards the reliability of external HD's v. DVD's for long term archiving.

Thank you for any information.


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I would not rely on a hard drive for your special momnets. Fun and fast, but would back up on a DVD or CD-R on a yearly bases FUJI is the only company I know that offers a CD that will last the changes of time. Special color foil...does not fade due to normal light conditions.

Normal life is five years due to earths normal radiation. I worked for several years at Western Digital...so know the facts...store your treasures on several means.
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Thanks Ross. I guess I'll have to spring for a DVD burner.

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I have mixed feelings about the hard disk vs. CD vs. DVD question.

No backup system is good unless you actuall use it.
I found that I didn't back stuff up on to CD even with the burner and a box of disks. So I purchased 2 hard disks and a batch file later I have easy backup to both disks. Every 3 or so years, I should replace the disks 'cause they'll go bad (hasn't come up yet.)

I also should use a disk scanning package to look for bad sectors. I don't do this yet.

But the huge downside (to me) is that the backups can't leave the house. I really need a backup that can be put into a safe deposit box (I sell pictures, so they are worth money to me.) That is where DVD obviously wins.

If you can come up with a system of backup using DVDs that you actually follow. Then go with it. But check them every few years to make sure you can still read them. And consider burning new copies every few years. I found that I didn't follow it, so I had to do something easier.

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Go with the Best DVD media you can find and you will probably not need to redo them in a few years (presuming they are kept in cool, dry, low humidity environment).

Followup: If you want immortality, then print to acid free, archival paper and store in a vault.

Who knows if a DVD can be read in the 23rd century?

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