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Default F710 and F610......

Hi, I am curious to know these few questions. I hope people familiar with FUJI will provide me with the answers.

I am planning to purchase a second digital camera. A FUJI camera that will be. I have heard of the 4th Generation Super CCD from FUJI. Currently the two latest sensor technologies from FUJI are Super CCD HR and Super CCD SR. The two models of camera I have in mind with serious consideration are the FUJI FinePix F610 and F710. I would like to compare both of the cameras extensively. The FUJI F610 employs the Super CCD HR technology and the FUJI F710 employs the Super CCD SR technology.

1. What is the difference between Super CCD HR and Super CCD SR?

2. Is the Super CCD HR less superior to the Super CCD SR? Knowing the fact that the HR technology effectively calculates the tonal values between each photodiode and that you benefit from a high pixel count in a smaller camera. But is the Super CCD HR a refinement from the 3rd Generation Super CCD Are we using the older technology of the 3rd Gen. The SR is a totally new technology that is High Fidelity which employs a photosite that has both primary and secondary photodiode in a CCD that captures the lighter and darker areas of a image taken. But many independent reviews are not pleased with the results of the Dynamic Range. So honestly which technology of the HR and SR is better?

3. In practical terms, comparing independent sample images from both camera (F610 and F710), which camera is better in terms of color and photo production. In many independent reviews about the Super CCD SR on the F700, they were not impressed by the Dynamic Range of the Super CCD SR. And so far, I have not seen a single review of the F610, which I really would want to. So which camera has the superiority? F710 or F610.

4. The good and bad points of SR and HR Super CCD.

5. Is the FUJI F710 a 3 megapixel camera or is it a 6 megapixel camera? It says it has 6 million sensor photo detectors in a 3 million SR sensor. Sets of high-sensitivity S-pixels and low-sensitivity R-pixels is combined by the Super CCD processor into a single 3-megapixel image. This image is then recorded at 6-megapixels by in-camera interpolation. So is it actually a 3 megapixel camera?

6. I am really keen on the FUJI FinePix F610. But one thing that bothers me is the HR technology they use in the F610. Can anyone confirm it is a newer, better technology to the 3rd Gen Super CCD in terms of color production, sharpness and noise levels. And can somebody tell me that the Super CCD HR is better that the SR! (After all the hype about the SR, I am worrying that there is no good in getting a camera that uses a HR technology.)

7. Are there any good points in the F710?

8. Are the any good points in the F610?

9. Which is a better camera, F610 or F710?

Thank you for taking time up reading this important post. Your effort in contributing to my better understanding is kindly appreciated.

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