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Default Fast (i.e. "film speed"), but afforadable digi cam

When will we see affordable digitial cams that do a good job at high ISO equivelents?? I got used to shooting 400 speed film, and when I use my digital camera, the 400 speed setting is very, very grainy. So, I use 50 or 100. I would really like to get some more speed.

When will we see affordable (i.e. not $1000+ Digital DLRs) cameras that give us good results with ISO 400 equivelent settings
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Once you get to 3-4 Mpix, I think dynamic brightness range (latitude) and sensitivity are the 2 main things I'd like to see improved.

I don't do really BIG prints, but it annoys me to not shoot clean pics in low light, and the white clip highlight no detail problem, which you can seem to only avoid by experiment and bracketed exposure.

If somebody shows me digicam prints, then noise and crushed highlights are the usual give aways. It took a while for film to get from 64-100ASA and be acceptable. Now we shoot 400ASA film and its standard stock. Digicams still have a bit further to go.
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From what I have read, some digicams work very well at ISOs up to something like 1600 - but they don't come cheap. Something in the range of $4-5,000US and up with lens. Way up depending on the lens. But even the expensive digicams seem to have the sharp break at the highlights instead of a gradual "knee" - thus blown highlights.

Fuji might be on to something for that with their dual sensor system: see the story at dpReview - http://www.dpreview.com/news/0301/03...superccdsr.asp
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I'm pretty sure the fuji f700 will have an iso of 1600 at one megapixel when it comes out in a month or two. And though it isn't the most affordable cam out there, for $600, it's not the most expensive either.
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