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ok i have been learning alot from this site, and now that i have been working for a photographer, i have learned alot and like anything else, i am always learning. i really love photography, when i'm on the internet thats all i do is research, and try to learn more. but there a few things, i don't understand, if there is a camera rep that is on this site hopefully you can help.

olympus made the E1, to me it is the perfect pro setup, the only thing that really kills it is the high iso noise(which i do understand its mainly because of the sensor size, i did say mainly not totally). the question is;
why don't the manufacturers make a pro camera with that similar setup ( the modes include M,A,S, and P. it doesn't have all the extra settings like, sports, kids, or night time)
and it doesn't have live view!! i know alot of folks like that stuff, but i don't! i just want a basic dslr, with 10 megapixel, high iso clarity, WITHOUT all the buttons, bells, and whistles! why don't they make this type of camera?

the 40d seems to be an awesome camera, and that is what i'm saving up for, but i really don't want or need those crazy lil extras! any insight into this would be greatly appreciated! thank you, john

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The short answer is that it isn't cost effective. Since you can choose not to use the 'extra' features, you should be able to set up your camera to emulate a manual slr quite easily, and those who want the bells and whistles can have them.

I use both my Minolta and Pentax mostly in manual focus, manual exposure mode. I can also switch to full auto programmed mode, to lend my camera to someone else who hasn't had the time to learn to do it themselves. Best of both worlds, in my opinion.

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Most of the features of a modern camera are software driven so it really doesn't make the camera any more expensive to add them. And you may find they can be useful.

Up until a few months ago I was still shooting film with all manual all mechanical cameras. I still shoot that way as I only have one lens that will work with the meter in my digital. But when I use that one lens I have no problem switching to auto settings when I know they will get the job done. In fact they can be a time saver. Switching to "portrait" mode when I want to take some quick snapshots of people, sets all options to the proper place without the need to dig into the menu. Switching back to P, A, S or M returns those setting to wherever I had them set before.
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i understand, i just though it would be cheaper not to have all of that stuff.
and i figured it was to reach a bigger market share selling all the gizmos. the maufacturers are trying to make people move up from point shoots alot easier.
believe me i'm not some hard core want to do all my own settings, and i
know i don't have to use the extras, but i love the way the E1 is simple and uncomplicated. i have been using the 10-30d cameras for work, i am getting fairly used to them. i went to the local circuit city and played with the 40d for about 30 minutes, i love that camera, and actually its very easy to use, and i like the ergos alot, it really feels good to hold and shoot! thats why i'm saving to get one. and thanks for your responses!
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This reminds me of something I saw on a menu item years ago:
"You can get your cheeseburger without cheese for the same low price...." :blah:
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