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digraph Oct 20, 2006 7:25 AM

I thought when you set your camera to shutter or aperture priority the standard was, in order to preserve the shutter speed or aperture setting that you choose, reducing or increasing the complimentary shutter speed or aperture.

So unlike in film photography, I can change the ISO setting in the camera from shot to shot. Which cameras figure in ISO as a variable in creating the perfect shot in priority modes?

My canon would take a very dark picture in low light (no flash), but would never crank the ISO, even if ISO was set to auto. this is a good thing because I think we all agree there are some ISO settings, per camera that are unusable.

My fuji will alter the iso setting in full auto mode (if ISO is set to auto), but I'm not sure yet what it does in priority modes. Maybe I just don't know my camera well enough yet.

I think a good solution would be to set a maximum acceptible ISO, and past that give a warning if the camera can't adequately expose the shot.

How does your camera adjust ISO in non-AUTO modes?

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