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tjsnaps wrote:
I would be more than willing to pay as much as I paid for my DSLR to be able to take digital photos with my old film equipment. ...
I suspect it would cost more than that because of limited demand. Much more. Likely you and very few others would have to share then entire developemnt cost plus the cost of a small production run. And by the time that developement was done, you could get a better camera much cheaper.

If you look about at the kinds cameras digital backs are available for, they seem to be manual everything. No auto focus. No auto exposure. Manual film advance. And most likely, no focal plane shutter.

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They are available.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_camera_back
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I couldn't find any pictures on the net. But I remember years ago before digital cameras were even on the market. Nikon was testing a digital back for the F3. It had to be cabled to a machine which had a shoulder strap like the old bata video cameras.

Then they made an all in one, but bulky digital back for the F4. It took 1 mega pixel 8 bit monochrome picture. This was only sold to NASA.

The early Kodak and Fuji digital cameras were nothing more than film cameras with digital backs attached.

So obviously it can be done.

The problem is a digital "back" is model specific and that limits the potential market. Conceder the Leica digital back that peripatetic mentioned. Though fine cameras Leica held a small portion of the SLR market. Nikon, Canon or Pentax would have much better market. Even then they would have to decide which model to make them for.

The demand for such a product is out there, but it is dwindling. It's dwindling because it was never met. We have had no choice but to bite the bullet and buy a digital camera (which essentially means starting over and buying all new lenses etc.) or continue shooting film.

Even that choice is disappearing. Just yesterday I picked up some prints and was told that in 3 months they were discontinuing their film processing service.

Anyone want to buy two Nikons and ten lenses? They'll make great paperweights.
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