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Hi everyone,

I am waiting for the arrival of my nikon 8800 and when i ordered the salesman tried to sell me a filter kit. Basically he said " you should get a filter to protect the lens from scratches"

I figured this was a sales pitch but it got me thinking.

Do I need a filter for protection and if so what type?

I plan to shoot family photos,vacations,etc but i am very interested in expanding into buildings, landscapes, night shots. What filter/filters benefit this type of shooting?

Seeingthe photos on this forum has inspired me and my wife to move beyond the snapshot stuff.

thank you all in advance

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A UV or skylight filter can be used to protect the lens from scratches. If it gets scratched it's a few pounds to replace rather than a trashed camera. I always used to fit a UV filter to my lenses and 'touch wood' I've never scratched one. None of my lenses currently has a filter attached. You pays your money.....
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You're looking for a "UV" filter, which supposedly blocks out harmful UV rays from the CCD (which may or may not improve the image quality) or a "Skylight" filter, which is the same but has a slightly warming quality (to make pictures shot with blue light like sunlight have a little less bluish tint to the highlight).

Do a search in the forums for "UV Filter" -- or even look in the filters forum here. There are two schools:

(1) If you scratch your lens, you've ruined the lens (and in a point-and-shoot-camera, basically the camera). If you scratch a $30 piece of glass (UV filter) then you can just replace it. It's much safer

(2) Why put a $30 piece of glass in front of a nice lens and risk optical degredation? Lenses, when cared for properly, don't get scratched that often. It's not like a watchface where it's rubbing up against stuff all the time. Finally, if you have a UV filter on the front and something collides with the lens, the filter could shatter or crack, which would ... scratch the lens!

I've read a number of posts and opinions and they usually go something like this: Lenses don't scratch under normal conditions, so it's not worth the risk of degrading the image by putting another piece of glass in front of the lens. But if you're, say, shooting in the desert during a sandstorm, or near a dirt racetrack, or near a sea spray (you get the idea), the protection might be good to avoid harmful particles that are flying around in that particular environment.

Good luck!

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Thank you two for the advise. I think we will go without for now and if it scratches I can just blame it on my wife :lol:
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