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spinning Apr 19, 2005 7:39 AM

I just bought a fuji fine pix s51000. It is able to accept filters. Is this something that is a good thing? needed? or just fun to have?

I was looking at a polarizer lens. My Daughter is a swimmer and diver and this could be neat.

RIght now I havea coupon if I buy 2 filters I can get one free...So are there other filters you would recommend?

timmyB Apr 19, 2005 8:25 AM

some popular filters:

- UV filter (used generally for protection of the lens, but also reduces UV which can affect colour and cause haze)

- polarizer (darkens and gives a more saturatedblue sky on a suny day. Also enables you to 'see'through water)

- red filter(increases contrast in B+W photography)

- nuetral density filter (reduces light to allow long exposures in bright conditions)

Are they needed? Depends what you want to do. Do you need a camera (would be a similar question)?


spinning Apr 19, 2005 8:29 AM

"Do you need a camera (would be a similar question)?"

That's a good one! Absolutely I need a camera at all times! and a back up one just in case! LOL!

Thanks for the info I think I will definately get the polarizer and the UV Filter! Not sure what other one....I guess I am just so excited with this new c amera! Granted it wasn't expensive or super fancy but it is giving me some options i haven't had in a very long time! So I want to have as much fun with it as I can!

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