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Default Finally, without question THE BEST digital camera package!

...well, at least I am not the only one searching for this. It feels like I am searching for the ever ellusive Holy Grail! I have been researching, reviewing, and holding digital cameras for over 6 months now. Am I an expert? Not even close. The more I learn about the digital world the more I know I have yet to learn.

I am not asking you to tell me which camera to buy. I am merely seeking input from those who own and love/hate their digi-setup. The end-user will have more insite as to whether a potential camera setup will fill our needs.

After reading countless reviews on numberous sites, I have come to see that not everyone sees each camera in the same light. Some have said to wait until a particular model matures a little but than hasn't re-reviewed the model a couple years later to say if it has or hasn't matured yet. Granted there are a few cameras out there to review and more poping up every day. Seems like one camera will be praised by one reviewer and slammed by another.

Visiting the various stores is of no help. Most lean havily toward the brands they sell. Some bad mouth the other brands. I am not suprised by this but find it hard to balance out the sales pitches from the facts.

Here is my quest: To find the one camera setup which will function as an all-purpose camera. It needs to be fast enough to take indoor shots of children and puppies as well as great natural shots of waterfalls in the very low light conditions in the Coastal Rain Forests. It needs to be versitile enough to take portaits of people and buildings. Size is not much of a consideration; neither is video. All of the subjects should be able to be photographed with the intent of blowing them up to 16x20. Whether or not the lenses are interchangable or not isn't much of an issue. What does matter is the image quality and the price... the whole package must remain under the $1,253.48US mark (street price).
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Shucks. I have the perfect camera for you, just as you describe, but it costs $1,253.99 US

Oh well, better luck next time!

Actually, I'm still searching for that same camera, but for less $$
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Old Feb 17, 2004, 11:35 AM   #3
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Keep an eye on the upcoming Canon Pro1, it's going to take one of the new 8-megapixel cameras to get 16x20" print sizes. The new Olympus C-8080 is also looking good, the pre-production one we had delivered amazing image quality. We hope to have the new Canon Pro1 soon too.

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Thanks Steve! Really looking forward to the reviews of the new stuff. Any idea how the A2 compares to the Pro1 yet? Will it be reviewed in the near future?

I find the AS and manual zoom to be appealing features of the A1/A2.

Actually, I dont need the capability of that large a print size. i'm leaning toward the A1.
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Old Feb 17, 2004, 2:26 PM   #5
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Default The perfect setup....

Do excuse me but I feel I cant stay silent on this issue! When will good people like yourself realise that there is no perfect setup. If we waited for that perfect camera that makes us all better photographers, wed all still be using polaroids or 110s or Daguerrotypes!!! There IS no perfect camera. I have seen stunning pictures on this site, and various others all taken from radically different cameras. If you find that you cant take a good photo whichever camera you use, then maybe you need to find a new hobby. Sorry to be blunt, but at the end of the day, get a camera you feel comfortable with in your hands, comfortable with the controls, and one that doesnt confuse you everytime you go to use it! Some of my best pics were "Snapped" with a Konica KD-400z compact and then played about with in Photoshop. I now use an EOS 10-d for the lens issue. Beauty (of a picture even) is in the eye of the beholder. What you consider to be a bland shot that you have taken, another person may find exhilerating. I find photography is a great medium for getting away from it all, seeing the beauty of things around me and if I end up with just ONE photo I am happy with at the end of the day, I am over the moon. Digital is the way to go as it affords you to take many more photos in order to chase "The one!" at seriously reduced cost! In your price range, go for a second hand Rebel or EOS 10d and stick with it. Dont take too much notice of reviews on new cameras as you will constantly be kicking yourself for not waiting. Use your eyes 90% and camera 10%! Good luck.........
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Default certain things i'd like in a camera

I bought my C2020 because of the reviews on steves site, and was NEVER EVER sorry i had purchased it for quit a high price back then, now i'm upgrading because i got sand in my zoom lens. I want to make sure i am just as happy

I'm wondering if the 5060 and the 8080 are like the 2020 as far as:

the flash and quality of phhoto was so good that I am able to zoom in on a flash photo and see writing on the back wall

i had close ups of the kids that you can see every eyelash and spot in their eye.

I was also wondering if the flip up flash on the 8080 helps the red eyes being it is farther from the lens?

and biggest of all, i want the fastest taking camera cause i take kids who are little adn move in a second.. i'm using someones cannon power shot 70 now and it doesnt take fast enough, i miss all the shots. esp in the darker rooms of the house.

CANT WAIT FOR THE 8080 review steve!!!! I know that in your reivew you said the 5060 is fast and you dont miss shots...but i see that some people got DUDS and that would be so maddening..obviously the one you tried did not have those troubles

i also considered a 4040, but dont see them very many places.....and i'm really curious about the flip up flash and red eyes, cause my mom's FLIP UP FLASH KODAK regualar camera NEVER has red eyes.......
i dont really want to ADD the extra flash on top......dont want to deal with it

thanks for any opinions
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