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I'm afraid it's not quite that simple...

You'd have to find someone that has actually measured a specific size card, with a specific edge stamp.

Rob Galbraith does have some CompactFlash Speed tests, in a variety of Digital SLR cameras in a database, but most of these are for the larger cards.

Also, a Digital SLR can take advantage of much faster media, compared to a consumer model camera like the Canon you're purchasing.

You may want to look at the speed tests he got from a card reader here:


The "original" Sandisk Ultra 512mb Compactflash card was slower than most cards tested, but some of the newer Ultra cards are better (depends on the "edge stamp" -- which controller was used, etc.).

Unfortunately, most manufacturers don't publish specifications (except for their higher end, larger cards). Lexar is an exception, where each 1x = 150kb/second. Some other manufacturers have also adopted this type of standard (12x, 24x, 48x etc.).

In fact, on more than one test, I've seen a 12x Lexar Card outperform a Sandisk "Ultra" card (probably the older model ultra cards).

Another speed test can be found at dpreview.com (it's a little dated):


Another way to try and judge a card's speed, is to read the Card Reader reviews here at Steve-Digicams (to see if the card you're interested in has been tested in a USB 2.0 reader) -- for example, this one using a Lexar reader:


You'll find multiple reviews of USB 2.0 readers under the Accessory Reviews Menu on the main page.

Anyway -- you probably won't see any difference (in your camera) between any of the Sandisk Ultra Cards, compared to faster cards. The older model ultras seem to transfer data at a rate of around 2mb/second from a good card reader (much slower than most, but still respectable).

Of course, some of the newer Cards (including some of the Sandisk Ultra Models) are about 4 times as fast.
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Join Date: Jun 2003
Location: Savannah, GA (USA)
Posts: 22,378

P.S. -- notice that in Rob Galbraith's test at this link, that a "new" model Sandisk 1GB Ultra Card tested at 7956K/Second.

Yet, one of the older model Sandisk 512mb Ultra Cards only tested at 2363K/second.


The card size and edge stamp can help determine the new ones from the old ones (but if you're ordering from a vendor, this is virtually impossible to find out).

I prefer a manufacturer that uses some type of published specification. But, unfortunately, this is not always possible buying media at discount prices.
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