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Default Fixing a digital camera

There is a discussion on a local forum in my town. Some one made a post that said his 3 year old 2 megapixel, 4 megabyte camera, no optical zoom, would no longer flash and wanted to know how to fix it. I posted that he would be better off getting a new camera than trying to fix the old one. Comp USA recently had an ad for a 3 megapixel camera for $69.00. Another poster left a message that this person should try to fix the camera, that the problem might possibly be only a bulb. I don't think fixing an old digital camera is that easy. Just diagnosing the problem proberly might cost more than a new camera. The other poster quoted this forum, saying that people here new how to fix old cameras. Is that true, or would the owner be better off with a new camera?
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I agree with you that fixing the camera is not economically feasible.
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I would state that, depending on your aptitude a camera "MAY" be cost effective to fix. I have repaired some of my Fuji cameras myself with success. In my house there is 2-2400z, 1-2600z, and 2-S602 Pro cameras. Over the time they have been here I have replaced a mode selector lever in one of 2400s, repaired a crappy ribbon cable connection in one of the 602s, replaced the LCD in the 2600 (damaged by user) with one scavenged from another dead 2600 that I came across, and replaced the bulb in the flash of the other 2400. I also seem the have to disassemble the 3 point and shoot cameras about twice a year for dust removal/cleaning, due to conditions they are used in. If I sent all the repairs out I would go broke and would never have a camera around here to use. The one problem in Canada the we have with Fuji is that they don't want to sell parts directly to the consumer, but rather you send it in for repair, no matter how simple the repair is. I guess my thought is if it's broken, out of warranty, and no worth the price and hassle of sending it in, what have you got to lose? I would try and talk to a good camera shop that does repairs "in house" and see what they say about tackling it yourself.

Just my approach,
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