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Hi eric s,

Thanks for the great post, it helped me a lot!

From it, I could see that SRL is a must in the camera. He has a Nikon EOS 3000 (if my mother is not mistaken ). I don't know if it has replaceable lenses, but Im sure he won't mind getting others if needed.

Do you think it would be a good choice between Nikon D100 and a Canon D60? As I could read in Steves conclusions, the Canon camera is good for indoor takes, and the Nikon for outdoor, and thats the main difference.

The_Oz and steve6 also recomended the Nikon 5700, and it looks nice, but I think the D100 is better isn't it?

Im pretty sure Ill also buy the Photoshop and a nice third party manual, as he will have plenty of time to study

Thanks again for all the tips guys. Ill take a look at the macros posts now.
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Glad I could help. This place has helped me, so it's the least I can do.

I have to say that even after my long post, I agree with the general feeling of Mike_PEAT's post. Buying something that complex is hard to do. A camera is a combination of tech and feel. Depending on who you talk too and your skill level the percentages differ. If you leave the camera at home because its too large it won't take any pictures... no matter how amazing the camera is.

If you have enough time, I'd feign some interested in his equipment. Ask him about it. Say you're asking for someone else (assuming you have no interest yourself) if you have too. People love to talk about their hobbies. You'll find out in no time if he wants to expand his photographic interests after he retires. Everyone says that once you switch to digital you take lots more pictures. The instant feedback and lower per-picture cost does it.

The EOS3000 is a Canon product (EOS is their trademark, I believe.) I looked it up on the Canon web site. Here is a link:


It's about 4 years old now. It has an EF lens mount, which is the same as the D60, I believe. The D60 is out of production, and has just been replaced by the 10D. That probably has the same lens mount, but the 10D Canon web page is Flash driven and I don't have (or want) flash installed, so I can't read about it. Since the 10D has come out, people have been selling their D60s on ebay. A quick look shows that they are overpriced there, though. Fools are paying more for a D60 than a 10D... once supply picks up (within a month or so) the price will have to drop. The D60 just isn't as good as the 10D from all I've read.

Either of those would be a better choice because then he can (probably) reuse his lenses. Considering one good lens can cost $1,400 or more, you don't want to just say "he won't mind getting others if needed." Checking into this should be a priority.

Personally, I have used Nikon products more than Canon so I can't say anything first hand on either the D60 or 10D. The D100 is a very nice camera, but I bet the others are too. No matter which you get, I'm sure he'll enjoy it.

Once you put together the list of things you are going to get, post the list. Be specific. People here have a lot of experience. I'm sure they'll offer tweaks and suggestions to the list. Many photo shops are commission driven, so unless you really trust the sales man I'd post my list of items here first.
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