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TCav wrote:
DarkDTSHD wrote:
Throughout all our posts I think we've neglected to consider that lots of professionals have to travel with bags upon bags (or cases rather) of gear. Rarely just one camera bag. Obviously they have to check-in a lot of their gear. And in all likelihood they are transporting pro-level gear. If they can manage it sucessfully time and time again (not that they are ammune to accidents or lost luggage)...
Not likely. They probably pack it all up a few days ahead of time and FedEx it to the destination. ... which is an alternative for all of us. FedEx your gear to the hotel at your destination.

And they could probably just do with their camera gear what Chuck Berry does with guitars: Buy a new one and have it delivered to the gig, and leave it behind when he's done. That's why there are so many guitars around that have been autographed by Chuck Berry.

FedExing gear? Hmmm...that would work. Costly but at least they would be responsible for "safely" transporting our gear to the destination. Assuming we had that much gear to bring.

I'm on "e-mail terms" with a few "pros". Will try to ask them what they do when they travel. Will post again when I find out.

I was vaguely thinking of doing the "Chuck Berry". Buying a backup to bring with me actually. Leaving my D300 at home. But in all likelihood I should be able to carry my pup and one camera bag. Still trying to confirm with UA Westjet. If I can bring 2 carry-ons on board as long as they both fit the size restrictions.

UA= 1 carry-on and 1 personal item (e.g. laptop). ThinkTank has a camera bag designed to look like a laptop bag. Fits 1 laptop, 3 lenses and 2 pro bodies. It's 4" thick with no camera body in the outter pocket. With a camera body it's roughly 6" (assuming you can squeese the grip in so that the body only takes up 2". Failing that you could take only 2 lenses and put the body (sans lens) in a lens pocket in the middle of the bag. The bags are called "Urban Disguise". Might consider one if they airlines won't let me take my pup and Lowepro Fastpack 350 (9" thick).

Westjet= 2 "carry-on". Waiting to hear from them to see if I can't bring two items of the same size into the cabin.

Just heard from Art Wolfe's people. Art does indeed FedEx his gear when he travel's overseas. Might consider this as an alternative. Last resort.

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