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Starting to notice some of my pictures on my Kodak EasyShare 6490 are starting to come out a little blurry. One pic will come out great and the next will be blurry. Anyone have any ideas what I am doing wrong or what I shoulddo or look for to correct this problem???
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It's most likely motion blur from camera shake or subject movement (although I would not rule out autofocus). If some parts of the photo are sharp, then you're probably locking focus on something other than your subject.

Motion blur from camera shake is more prevalent at longer focal lengths (even a tiny bit of camera shake is greatly magnified as more zoom is used).

As a general rule of thumb, you want to have shutter speeds of 1/focal length or faster. So, if you're using it at wide angle, you'll want shutter speeds of around 1/40 second, or if you're at full zoom, you'll want shutter speeds of around 1/400 second.

But, this is only a rule of thumb. Some users can hold a camera much steadier than others, and some may require even faster shutter speeds to prevent motion blur.

Looking at your exposure information would help determine what is going wrong. If you don't have an image editor that can see this information, download Irfanview from http://www.irfanview.com (it's free). Make sure to download the free plugins, too.

After you open an image, you'll see the camera settings used under Image, Information, EXIF. You can also copy this information to the Clipboard (you'll see a button for it), then paste it into a post here (using Edit Paste, or simply using CTRL+V)

This will let you know what settings the camera is using for your problem photos. Insomelighting conditions (depending on the amount of zoom you're using), you may not be getting shutter speeds fast enough (the most likely problem). So, you may either need to use a tripod, or increase your ISO speed (which will add some noise, but noiseis often preferrable to motion blur).

If this is the problem, you can concentrate on holding the camera steadier and pressing the shutter button more smoothly to help, too. If I need to take a photo at slower shutter speeds, I'll usually take a deep breath, exhale, then slowly and smoothly squeeze the shutter button until the photo is taken before I start breathing again. This can help a lot to get sharperphotos in marginal lighting for the focal length (amount of zoom) you're using.

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Thanks Jim
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