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Old Dec 17, 2004, 5:34 AM   #1
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I wasn't sure where to post this.

I've noticed you've unpgraded the forum. But I've found a bug.

When you click on send after typing out a private message to someone you get the following at the top of the page.
Warning: sprintf(): Too few arguments in /home/steve/public_html/forums/lib.php on line 598
And a box in the centre of the screen says.
Invalid SQL query: -Query was empty

« Back
I was replying to a message and in that message the person said how they had an error to and wasn't sure if I'd recieve it. I've checked my sent box and my message isn't there, so I can only assume it hasn't been sent.

After you upgraded I noticed that all forums are now marked read and that lots of posts that I have read are showing up as un-read. Also, it didn't say that I had a new message like it normally does at the top. I just stumbled upon the new message whilst I was delting old ones.

I'm using Opera

Version information
Version 7.54
Build 3865
Platform Win32
System Windows 2000

Java Sun Java Runtime Environment version 1.4
VoiceXML Plugin not available

*runs off before Steve hurts him*
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 2:09 PM   #2
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Should be fixed now...Marks been a busy boy!
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 3:36 PM   #3
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Worked fine just now.
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 4:38 PM   #4
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Views are not populating...

and new PM messages counter is also not working...

No big deals :-)

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Old Dec 17, 2004, 4:46 PM   #5
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Thanks for the info. Mark is still ironing out a few bugs with the newer forum software version we just installed. And making tweaks to the new server and its DNS entries. Hopefully in the next 24-48 hours it should all be working better and faster than before. Time will tell
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 5:51 PM   #6
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Hi I tried to post photo but keep this on both Grazy Browser & Explorer.

Mean anything?

Invalid SQL query: INSERT INTO WOWBB_ATTACHMENTS (USER_ID, FILE_NAME, FILE_TYPE, FILE_CONTENTS, UPLOAD_DATE, FINALIZED, IMAGE_WIDTH) VALUES (15180, 'Water Fall 2.jpg', 'image/pjpeg', '?\JFIF\\?\?\\?RExif\\II*\\\\\i?\\\\\\\\\ \\\??\\\\,\\\\\\\LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01\\?C\  !\"$\"$?C  ???!\?\\\\\\\\\\  ??\\\}\!1AQa\"q2???#B??R $3br? %&\'()*456789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcdefghijstu vwxyz???????????????????????????????????ƒąƇȉʒ ӔՖטٚᢣ䥦稩걲󴵶??\\\\\\\  ??\\w\!1AQaq\"2?B????#3R 𕢲ъ$4ᥱ&\'()*56789:CDEFGHIJSTUVWXYZcd efghijstuvwxyz???????????????????????????????????? ƒąƇȉʒӔՖטٚ⣤妧詪򳴵?? \\?\򽺁?ܬͳ+앚\?wH!,ۿݯ&?m+? ˖w҃3ޝDH?cȿ?[?w>???eǐ?g??ǘf 0?搔겳?B?$???????u??ޔ? ???_Ҳ??)x~3 ?^y=~?֮ҖG?F?쪴Y#?Y[[??H?_?ӧ\爴?Z?ȣ???lcԗ?*i=?׼? ??J?M&˹?U?? ”珞o?Ѱ?? AB\믹}?D)م?7?>]?֦?)?޺ǢȱKǻǟȚ?? - ??5??I㲥CF=?j?X֨?s?u?nj?䒓?x ???[??DY?|多?+v??(󇛟Z*ϔr??͔?h?ߘ அh,K?h⟹fA鞮#޽ᆤXGK7?`خdǤpߍa݇:ܔt0Ϝ <~Yُ >R??쒳Kdg???Z? i??ģrש?x?O?>љḄ?^ޜʮ???V?{?5i?\??}請6 x?ⅰ?}|?焕?jv׶𸰁w`#6??7䟃U?G?龣_i󂗊? C&󩅗 7?ʵ??㗟L?\DOgA,Ĩ????/ݽ?S?mm*ˌ?$æQ?hjѰ?- ?߬??ൣ镨󄓙????fX?Ɍt8?*q?e8{e?⨐ϰ?z?=? ??$?e.憩??C?Bӧ?z?????ݘO3}?9厼?=𸵟=?x ĆC?匾X??Ƿ?N?gy{v󤳟=q]7Ï]xCƶ:??묮#?Eǎ?????>т I ?ʰ🦆ɨ@ྴ쾦 NGLS?J?Д??9ʼn\W*ܟڀvɲ??f?\줣ȵ?婜?Ɉc??mg E?๶ф???ު?G \RW/i?En?$rrO ????ƕ?UݯN? ?VpJ??1???4?k ?G8ϷqY?G??D󝅷͆?Ю?l̥x?7?o?u?<?\'n ߅?̶?0h?i¨IrȦ?𓩈^候?۟1}?ꦓ?ϲގ؝p*8$t ?OP?畱\'᥏?nV?̼҉??𖷡ٯ,*???I?ؒ1؁?ݕ ??$T\"?⊛ž???Ҥ?ѱ????Cß???:鬌?2̦???:` g𢳕y#+?hw????+?:?ϣ^?8FXdׇc?r??R??Mȼn? Z[??XJĶ?Ȅ?׬?^򥵋ʅc΢\'ϽMڳz??%?W!񜢵?? ???RFݿOzҌo4Lݑ񖷫????Ǐݽ⤑髯5??ɤ?Xᇪ? G,??}].ᖫym؉?q? ?????˱,:maÏ̚򳪖?ц~?zBкPP???[email protected]\g???? Z((:UK??xeX?E󏪙侔㛲$쎿Xךƹ˨fX񓜧?+?ֵ}B XD¶?厾d_B}?KS HŮo؜?㐣?ׁR9?Kin伈\"???G\?՜⼋񂨏ٴ Eʥ 򨧨??e??5i?O܉>?Ò?ֿt캖??P躶?qo?貽?ņȶ?܍ ?\?񮱫Ϲ?]???[?B?#<랽zҕ.?[???>%񾫮^ȫ?][Y?ۘ?8?Ӆ?sm?3? ?k???Ꝝӟ3.x{P*r-?)ሎpϹ6?jձ񔣐 zᡜ1??p㫔?䘎??JƩִmB)??⷏$?=???]?????"ݓ?Ρ鯟?PŪ?ں#?s?g¹?R荩a!܊?w?ƾ_ j謼?\?D?󛛽ב?P䵜 u? 鐂?跰?؂ȹ?5H2?E槯Og*Ë܂罥?𸪓݇?
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Ain't progress wonderful?

If it ain't broke...

you know the rest.
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Old Dec 18, 2004, 1:51 PM   #8
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it would've been 'broke' very soon if they hadn't upgraded....steves-digicams is so popular, the hardware wasn't able to take it

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Old Dec 18, 2004, 3:13 PM   #9
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The software is giving the issues vito, not the hardware.
Wowbb brought out a new version. If you don't upgrade when the makers of your forum bring out a new version you need your head checking. Not only do they tend to have new features but almost always correct bugs and security holes.
Upgrades just don't always go to plan though (says the voice of experience). :lol:
Keep up the good work guys.
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