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Default Forum Layout Change?

Originally Posted by JimC View Post
The first 3 forums listed in the Welcome Center section (A Word from Steve's, Photo of the Day Contest, Steve's Latest Reviews) do not allow member replies.

The way the forums are setup now, new posts force threads to go to the top of the list of threads within a specific forum, which would throw off the sort order (and that forum is designed to let someone easily find the DPOTD by date).

We've determined that we could allow replies without impacting sort order with the new software. But, because that could make it more confusing to members (since they wouldn't see threads that have new replies to go the top of the threads list), we haven't taken that step. Also, keep in mind that the submitter of an entry for DPOTD may not always be a forum member here.

We'll keep your suggestion in mind for future forum layout changes. In the interim, if you want to contact the photographer, just click on their name in the post showing a winning entry, and you'll see that it's a link to their e-mail address.
I really like the idea of having forums that eliminate the "bumping' rule. Responding to items as they come appeals to me. It is fairly easy to keep your topic or photo up on the list by 'querying' opinions. I realize the way the forums are set up keep the most 'popular or posted' at the top but I think it would be nice to have a change.

Opinions or thoughts?

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Hi Susan,

If you are looking for opinions and thoughts from other members then I will move this to the general Q&A section, if you are looking for a reply from the Steve's admin team then this is the correct place.


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Thanks for the input Suzan. We'll keep your thoughts in mind when discussing future forum layout changes.
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My bad. Yes could you please move this to the Q & A section for general thoughts.

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