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hasato Jul 10, 2002 2:21 AM

Freezing movement
I tried to make those 'freezed' still images with my Mavica CD200 cam of snowboarders jumping of a ramp during a INDOOR snowboard training. :cool:

I tried to set the shutter to 400 (which I read was recommended for 'freezing' sports). The image on the LCD screen went dark (which I heard was because of the fact the lens will get less light), and I tried to make a photo. But this was MUCH to dark to see anything... :(

When I tried shutter speeds 200 and 100, the image was yet more clear/bright and 'freezed', but not as bright to have a nice photo :(
During this shooting my flash was set on normal level.

What does this mean; that I have to use a external (big?) flash to make nice 'still' snowboard images? And which shutterspeed can I use best?

My second question: when I set the flasher to high level, the snow and enviroment (especially the snow) went red?

And my third and final wondering: There is also a setting on my Mavica CD200 cam for exposure which is standard EV 0.0. What can I do with this setting?

Thanks everyone in advance for your help and tips :) And sorry for my bad english!

padeye Jul 10, 2002 12:01 PM

Sorry, I reread your post and saw you were working indoors. I need a little more information. What mode was your camera set to? Shutter priority or manual? Try it as straight program mode with flash and see what you get. You can also keep your camera at the fast shutter speed and open the aperture. Remember a smaller number means a bigger opening and more light.

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hasato Jul 10, 2002 5:21 PM

Hi, thanks for your reply padeye :)

My cam is set to shutter priority. I can only change the shutter time and a "EV" setting.

There is also another mode on my camera that lets me change both shutter speed as the aperture.

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