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Default Fuji F700 vs Minolta G500 vs others

Anyone have any advice on the following cameras: Fuji F700 and Minolta G500? They both are small cameras with options, and at the 300$ range. I welcome any suggestions for other similar cameras.
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This is what Steve has to say about the “6Mp” of the Fuji F700:

“While the F700 does appear to improve dynamic range a bit in high-contrast shooting conditions, the quality of the interpolated images is far less than one would expect from 6-megapixels, with detail sharpness and noise lagging high-quality 4-megapixel camera's such as the recently-reviewed Canon A80. At 3-megapixels, the F700 produced images comparable in quality to other cameras in the 3-megapixel class, and I actually prefer the 3-megapixel images over the 6-megapixel interpolated images; the 3-megapixel images were sharper and more richly saturated.”

and: ”My advice is to wait until Fuji releases a 5th Generation Super CCD SR; they might get it right this time.”

Steve tends to damn with faint praise and that is a rare outright criticism from him.

The zoom is not continuous. 10 stops isn’t bad, but I would prefer continuous. The flash is very powerful for a small camera and the low light focus is better than the G500. SD cards for the G500 cost less than the xD cards on the Fuji and can be used in a lot more devices like PDAs and MP3 players. xD is a dead end technology that probably won’t be used on anything but Olympus and Fuji products.

The G500 is a much nicer camera IMO. The LCD is bigger on the Fuji and the movie mode is great for a small camera. But I would overall go for the real 5Mp on the Minolta unless you think the movie mode is an asset that overrides the still image quality. I have no idea why companies are still releasing cameras that take dinky little movies with memory as cheap as it is.

As for other cameras I know of nothing in that price range I like better overall than the G500 if you want a pocket camera. I recently got a Pentax S4 for $270 after rebates. I added a Palm Tungsten to my cellphone and camera as carry everywhere items and my C50 became too large. So I needed something really small. The S4 takes very high quality 4Mp images with a SHQ JPG compression that is impressive. The 4Mp images from my S4 are actually considerably larger than 5Mp images from my C50 or the G500. With SHQ the image quality is really quite high for a camera that will fit in an Altoids tin. The corners are a little soft, but it is hard to pick out in most images even if you are looking for it as the corners usually have sky or grass or concrete – or something totally inconsequential to the quality of the photo.

It is hard to find a 5Mp camera with all of the manual exposure modes and even a zone manual focus at the same price of the G500. If you want something really small take a look at the S4. I have been pleasantly impressed with the quality of the images and it has a lot of interesting bells and whistles. The S4i is about to be released if it hasn’t already – hence the price reduction and rebate on the S4. The S4i has a larger LCD, which is nice, and a cradle which would clutter my desk. Otherwise the improvements are mostly gee-haw and it will sell for around $400 for a while. I felt the S4 was a better bargain with the same lens and probably same picture quality.
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I've owned the Konica KD-510z since mid-July 2003, and have been very pleased with it. It is the same camera as the Minolta DiMAGE G500 (Konica-Minolta started marketing it under the Minolta name after the Konica-Minolta merger).

You can see from photos from mine at http://www.pbase.com/jcockfield/konica_kd510z

You'll also see links to my user review.
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