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Dan C Dec 25, 2002 5:50 PM

Fuji S602Z taking lousy pics
I have had a Fuji S602Z for about two weeks now and have yet to get more than a handful of good pics. Most pics are slightly blurry and/or jpg artifacts along the edges of objects in the image make it seem blurry. I have tried different resolutions, white balance, flash, etc., yet no difference.

I thought it might be me so I took the same pics with an Olympus 3030Z with similar settings. The same pics with the Olympus were much better, no jpg artifacts. Any thoughts on this? (Also posted on the Fuji forum)

voxmagna Dec 25, 2002 7:07 PM

What image print size are you seeing the artefacts on and/or what zoom ratio if looking on monitor with photo-editor. Can you copy the exif data from one of your pics. paste and post on the Fuji section? For a fuller reply go to Fuji section.

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