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Default Fuji S7000Z Vs Minolta A1

Hi All,

After waiting months for the Sony F828 to make it's debut, and in turn been dissapointed with both problems with CA and Sony Australia's absurd pricing structure where the F828 is of a comparable price to the Canon 10D, I've decided to look to number 2 and number 3 preferences on my list.

These being The Fuji S7000Z and the Minolta A1. I've read several professional reviews on both, and dozens upon dozens of user opinions, and if I had the budget I'd get both . I was almost set on the A1 when store I'm buying the camera through recommended the S7000Z for its macro ability. I initially dismissed the S7000Z as DC Resources review of it put it at the back of the pack for its class, now after reading so many reader opinions I'm starting to lean toward the S7000Z.

My main requirements for the camera are;

Macro (insects, plantlife etc...)
Telephoto (birds, areas of landscape etc..)
Panaromic (landscapes, usually during sunrise or sunset lighting conditions)
Night time exposures (moon, stars, UFO's ;-) ) - I don't think either camera is ideal for time exposure photography.

Printouts will be upto Super A3 size (13"x19") with image cropping in some instances, camera must also be very portable and battery efficient.

I think both camera's are great, and either will do a great job for my needs and would just like to hear comments by A1/S7000Z owners of shooting in these conditions.
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I've got the A1. I was torn between it and the Nikon Coolpix 5700 when I made my decision a month ago. Didn't spend a lot of time looking at the Fuji. So far - I have found nothing to regret my decision.
- Macro - don't shoot a lot in this mode - the shots I've taken have come up alright though.
- Telephoto - have been very happy here especially due to the Anti-Shake function the A1 has. I have taken 7X opt zoom shots with/without the anti-shake - the difference is incredible. Not sure how else you can get a clear telephoto shot without either this feature or a tripod.
- nightime - took some shots of christmas lights that came out great. haven't done any starts/moon.

The battery in the A1 is awesome - lasts for hours. First camera I bought where I didn't immediately buy a backup. Also, to conserve battery - the A1 senses when you use the EVF vs the LCD and when you take your hand off the camera.
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Thanks so much for you reply csd. I think the anti-shake of the A1 is almost a deal clincher as most of my shooting occurs while on holiday, and my girlfriend has an understandable low tolerance to spending 15 minutes out of every hour waiting for me to setup tripods and shots. If the anti-shake system is good enough for me to do almost do away with the tripod it'd be great.
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