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Yes Johng as with anything there is a trade off.

I guess my point is that the trade off is becoming in my opinion tilted away from the full frame sensor, simply because the performance of a crop sensor is now so good that very few will ever need the additional performance of a full frame sensor.

It's like cars, there was a time when you needed at least a v-6 if not a v-8 to have a decently powerful sedan. Thirty or forty years ago the inline 4 wasn't powerful enough for a sedan. But in the late 80s the inline 4 became powerful enough thanks to advancements that it could power a sedan. The efficiency and cost benefits have shown that they vastly outweigh the advantages of a bigger engine and now the 4 cylinder is the most common engine. Have v-6 and v-8 engines disappeared, no of course not but the majority of cars on the road are now using 4 cylinder engines because they are good enough and the cost outweighs the benefits for most consumers.

Full frame is the v-8 powered engine. It will always be more powerful than the 4 cylinder as the improvements in the smaller engine also improve the bigger engine. The full frame sensor is always going to be bigger and always going to benefit from the bigger size. But most end users don't need it.

Now you can go the next step to medium and large format and then you get even more gain, these are the v-10s and the v-12s, the exotics we often admire but never acquire.

But to me what is really interesting is the different types of cameras in the larger format, i.e. the 4x5 bellows camera or view camera with it's infinitely more flexible architecture allowing quality well beyond what any full frame can produce simply because it has a different way of dealing with the optics. The really interesting landscape photographs I've seen recently have been with these view cameras using a digital back to capture and stitch multiple images or 4x5 film that is processed and scanned. The quality is just beyond anything coming from full frame and I frankly don't expect full frame to ever catch up because it is hindered by the architecture of the SLR.

For me I'd be more likely to pick up a used 4x5 and a slightly older digital back than a full frame camera. For me a full frame will never provide the ease of transport and use my m43 kit does so the only reason to use one is when I want to really go for top quality without regard to weight or size and in that case a view camera is way more bang for buck.
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