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I noticed viewing a friend's photos on computer that his Vertical and horisontal resolution is displayed as 300dpi. My photos is displayed as 72 dpi in the properties, His cameras is a Nikkon 5700. Is it possible to increase the FZ20's dpi resolution and what does this resolution mean?

The other problem I have is to listen to my voice recordings in a slide show on the computer, is it possible to do this? (SD viewer and normal XP applications)

Any advise would be appreciated, thanks.

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As nobody has responded to your question yet, here is an explanation.

AFAIK, the DPI settings you see have no relation to the quality of the camera image. It is just a setting that can be changed in photo editing or printing software, so as to determine the output or print size. It has no bearing on the screen quality or size. This is determined by your monitor resolution.

The real measure of the camera resolution is the megapixels. i.e. pixels across x pixels down. The more the better.

DPI does have a bearing on a photo print size & quality. e.g. say your image is 2400 pixels wide. Using photo editing or printing software, if you select an 8" wide print, the resulting print dpi will be 300, which is excellent. Selecting a 12" print gives a 200dpi print, which is still accepable, but you dont want much less for a good print. Conversely, changing the dpi in that software will alter the print size.

Dont worry about those dpi properties you see. They are not a function of camera resolution or quality, and no reason for judging a camera.
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