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Just got a Sony DSC-V1 and being a digicam newbie, Iactually read the manual... It recommends doing a 'half-press' and waiting for the AE/AF indicator to come on steady before continuing to trip the shutter.

I presume this is because of autofocus lag...While this isn't abig dealwith a stationary subject, how in the world can you depend on autofocus with moving subjects, like kids? :?
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yes, there is the autofocus lag and then there's the lag between the time you push the button the rest of the way down and when the shutter actually opens... (you guessed it.. it's called shutter lag) No real answer for you... just to let you know I sympathize with you.. (ok... the real answer would be to go with a DSLR.. )

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Mr. Saginaw is correct. I've seen many people press the button and move the camera AND THEN the camera takes the picture. Depends on what camera you have - the lag could be from zero (Nikon D70) to almost a second.

This lag happens because the little computer has to do thousands calculations to get the shot correct.

NOW - in your case - Your camera has a pretty Wide angle lens I suspect and because of this the Field of Focus is also pretty large. In fact a lot of people moving to Digital are surprised at just how great the FoF is (sometimes to their dismay)

Unless the subject is moving directly towards or away from you it should still be in focus for you needs
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It isn't anywhere I can find in Steve's review, but the V1 has two continuous focus modes. The camera will continue to focus with the shutter release half depressed and also continue to focus during normal shutter delay.

This is from the DCRP review:
"The AF mode choices are new features on Sony's 2003 digital cameras. Single AF is just like you're used to: press the shutter release halfway and the camera locks focus. Monitor AF (called continuous on other cameras) lets the camera focus constantly, even without the shutter release pressed. This helps reduce the time required to take a picture. Continuous AF (I'd call this one tracking AF) will focus before the shot and will continue to focus, even with the shutter release halfway pressed. Confusing names aside, these features are handy. Continuous AF is especially good for action shots, where the subject is moving."

I'm convinced that none of the reviewers photograph little kids or use their personal DSLRs when they do. They never test the continuous focus – some are better than others. Most don't even mention it. Jeff's review is rare in that respect. I have two digital cameras with continuous focus and two without. I have a much easier time keeping the rugrats in focus and getting the shot I want with CF. Most CF won't hold focus on anything moving directly toward or away from you over about 7mph, but my rugrats aren't that fast.

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Thanks slipe - the V1 doeshave Continuous AutoFocus (I'm not sure about Monitor AutoFocus), so I'll tryCAF while trying to keep my 'rugrats' in the finder (impossible with the LCD)!
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