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I made my first big system choice in a "universe long ago and far away", so much so that the reasoning has no bearing of the world that exists today.

It was over well over 1/3rd of a century ago, more like four decades, that I chose Nikons over the competition. In fact in system terms, Nikon is the only system available when I made my choice that is still on the market today. True, Pentax had changed to their K-mount system by the time I actually scraped the money together to buy my first Nikon (F2 Photomic w/ 50mm f/2.0), but Canon's then current system is unrelated to the Canon system today. The same goes for Olympus and Minolta (now Sony).

I still shoot Nikon. My cameras have changed up and down the line over the years, but no other brand has ever offered a better choice at any of the points that I overhauled my kit. Perhaps there were equals at times, but nothing universally better.

I've had the occasional "other brand" cameras (Canon, Leica, ...) as one of the cameras in my bag, ones that fit some special use, but my kit has always been Nikon centric.
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I shot a Minolta film camera for a long time. The waited and waited and waited for the Digital Minolta to come out. And about the time it did, Sony took over Minolta. So I figured I'd always be a Minolta guy.

Then we had a break in and all my gear was stolen so I had to start all over.

I talked to a guy for a long time and he talked about the good and bad of all the different brands. Then he said this, Canon is everywhere. They make just about everything and lots of other companies make stuff to fit Canon.

After waiting over a year for Minolta to release their DSLR, I like the sound of his off the cuff remark. Maybe not the best reason, but I can point to that one and say that's what sold me. Even though that statement is probably true for Nikon, he didn't say it about Nikon, he just said it about Canon.

Now, I got a load of Canon gear and thanks to you folks at Steve's Digicam, I learning how to use it.

Faithfully Yours,

Faithfully Canon,


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I first camera was a Pansonic that used a 120MB Floppy then I moved to Olympus P&S and then Fuji P&S and now Sony A200. I figured last fall was the time I needed to get a serious camera/D-SLR and try to get more serious about my shooting (which has worked because I now get more work and better pay and the stuff I was shooting before is coming out a lot better). So I started to look for one and two months later got my current camera. The only thing that bothered me when I decicded to switch as the amount of money I had invested in AA batteries and the hot shoe flash I can no longer use. But I could still use my CF cards.

Why the A200 2 reasons cost was resonable. 1.) I was able to spend under $1000 and get a complete system (2 lenses 18-70mm and 28 - 300mm, 2 extra batteries, 8GB memory card, 2 filters, and the camera body which came with 2GB card and battery).

2.) Jim Cs advise pushed me over the top towards Sony and I don't regreet letting him push me over the top towards Sony.. I had a tight budget and Sony delivered everything I need under $1000 which was all the play money I had. PLan and simple if it came to $1001 I was gonna have to pass for at least 6 months.

My next camera may be the A700 at some point or maybe their next new non-full-frame 14mp camera. I like the current camera being non-full frame for what I do.

However that said my borther and his wife have had 3 cannon p&s cameras in 5 years and they say when the current one craps out they will get another cannon. Their kid took a toy hammer to the last one and cracked the screen beyond use.

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Old Apr 26, 2009, 3:12 PM   #14
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I didn't really pick my system - a boyfriend I had back in 1980 chose it for me by buying a Pentax camera that came with a couple of lenses. My father visited me and was so impressed with the camera that he bought his own a year later. He gave me all of his gear when he could no longer use an SLR. So when I decided to get a dSLR camera, it was a no-brainer to buy Pentax, I already had some lenses. But what really sold me on the DS was the way it fit my hand and it's viewfinder. Based on all the reviews I went into the store to buy the Canon Rebel, but after comparing cameras, I walked out with the Pentax and haven't regretted it at all.
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I went Canon XSI because of the sd card instead of CF plus I had a Canon P&S which made the menu system easily used.
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I started with Yashica and always wanted a Contax and the Zeiss lenses. But that was too expensive for me at the time, so I ended up with a Canon SLR which I had for many years.

When the 20D came out I switched to digital as that to me was a breakthrough camera at its performance and price. So that kinda shoved me into the Canon system.

My personal summary of the systems:
Nikon is cooler and better quality, but expensive.
Canon is good enough and better value for money, but not cool. Its range of lenses is unparalleled.
Sony is good if it gives you what you need, but I'm not yet tempted by the lens range which is a mix of (new) very good and expensive and (old) and a bit crummy and fairly expensive. Not cool.
Pentax is very cool and amazing value, but the system is limited at the high end.
Olympus is innovative and quirky. Very nice lenses but a small range.

I happen to be using Canon at the moment but I can't really say I love my Canon, just that it's rather good at helping me make images I like without breaking the bank.
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I started out in the 80s shooting with a manual focus Minolta SLR. I shot with that through college and afterwards shelved the slr in favor of smaller Olympus zoom cameras - just easier to carry around. Eventually I got into the digital age, buying a Canon digicam and the bug bit me again. When I decided to upgrade there were really only two players at the consumer level- the Canon 300d and Nikon D50. It really could have gone either way but I ended up with the Canon (don't even recall why I chose it over the D50). That camera got destroyed a year and a half later and by then the 20D was available. It represented a huge leap forward and it was the perfect excuse to upgrade (side note - VERY glad I had my gear insured - it made the upgrade a lot less painful). Over the next couple of years I invested even more money in glass for Canon. I eventually bought a 1-series camera and have been very happy. I'm glad in the last 5 years more companies have gotten in to the game. While I'm very happy with my system and the lenses available in it - the influx of DSLRs has really driven innovation. And even though I think the current Nikon bodies outperform Canon at the prosumer and pro level the cost of the glass is a bit too intimidating. So, I'll stick with what I have for now.
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I have had at least one of every camera made at one time or another, always thinking this camera will make my picture great (didn't help though). Today I shoot a Canon 40D because it and the lenses were free, Christmas and birthday gifts. The wife is now looking to get back into photography and is looking at Nikon. This is causing some trouble at home, as she was the one that talked my Mom into buying me the Canon. :P
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I always was a Canon shooter as having canon compacts then the 350D 400D 450D then 40D they were all great especially the 40D, then i wanted a change and bought the Pentax K20D and sold all my Canon gear gees talk about feeling guilty, but i really do like the Pentax though
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I've had all kinds of point and shoots (both digital and 35mm) since I was very young, plus I grew up with some practice on my mother's Olympus 35mm SLR. In 2006, when shopping for my first Digital SLR, the choice for me was between Canon and Nikon.

My choice to go Nikon was threefold:
1) I found an "open box" D50 on sale for about 150 under the retail price
2) I knew that Nikon glass had a reputation dating back 30+ years, and I knew that finding an older, used Nikon lens for practice (even though I'd have no AF and possibly metering) would be a breeze
3) My short research into the subject indicated that dollar for dollar, the options available on the reduced price D50 were more suited to me than on a Canon for the same money.

I guess, I should simply blame Best Buy for having a discounted Nikon at the exact time I was shopping... There's no reason that point 2 couldn't have been covered in the Canon line as well...
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