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Its the person behind the camera not always the camera that makes great pictures (to some extent). It depends what camera accessories you already have in your arsenal especially lenses if you already own any. If you have a lot of money tied up in Nikon or Cannon then the answer is easy.

This debate has been going on for sometime with no clear answer. I will say this from my personal experience is that I used Fuji for 4 years and now use a Sony D-SLR.

Where I live most of the serious sports shooters that show up at baseball and Football games are using Cannon cameras and all the newspaper guys are using Nikon cameras.

What ever you decide to do realize that you are buying a system and that once you invest a lot of money in say Canon it will not work with a Nikon if you decide to change down the road.

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My Dad Shot Pictures for the Navy 30+ years using Nikon and Leica Gear, and he Personally liked Nikon alot. So it rubbed off on me thru Grade School and beyond.The only thing that I had to do is try and save up the Green for the Gold Plated Nikon Gear,(for the prices, There must be some Gold in there somewhere!)So now I'm livi'n large w/a D200,D50 and a bunch of Glass w/ solid Gold Insurance!!!!
"Next Time Someone tells you your Photography Sucks, tell them to go buy Some Good Taste!!"
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my point of view is that of expendible. As an example, my favorite vid cam is a 704x480 panasonic mpeg 2 that can survive a 15g impact with military standards.HD? who cares. I will destroy it. I looked forward to brand names, and even beyond a hobby, but changed my mind. my first camera was in the 1980s. 35mm, I can't even remember the brand, but 110 bucks was alot, I was 15...it may have even been generic. Advice about the guts and reality was a lesson...it doesn't matter really, just know what you want. (glass lense minimum)
I forgot that camera stuff, and then got 1 for free, a hp m415 with pentax guts. glass lense, extreme skeptic, I took photos I won't ever match...I attributed it to glass lense and 5mp.
I also had a fuji,destroyed that too, and now an older nikon coolpix to maintain expendible.

Yep. I fell for the nikon stuff, even as a cheapskate.

I tallied over 3000 photos in 2 years. I am more stubborn than ever on this subject...but I am getting older. May as well fall for brands.
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