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After linking to another site mentioned from these forums, they recommended setting the gamma at 2.2, closest for mine would be 2.25. Withought getting into types of monitors/vidcards, is there a general settings you guys use to view the pictures you take...to most closely resemble a printed shot? When I put mine at 2.25, alot of things brighten up and I'm pretty sure this isn't all the adjustments needed.

If this goes somewhere else other than 'General Q&A" feel free to move.

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If you have Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro they have a monitor calibration utility. If you don't have an editor with a calibration utility you might start with some freeware. It is more scientific than guessing based on someone else's monitor:



If you just want to adjust the gamma there are grayscale targets you can download that let you do it more accurately. CalibrationAdder (first link) has a variety of patterns and I suppose the second does as well. If you run the full calibration you load a color profile on boot. If you just want to adjust your monitor gamma without a profile use the grayscale targets.

The first link also has links to other patterns if you don't like the ones that come with the utility.

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The eye percieves transmitted color and reflected color differently, so color matching a monitor to a printed image can be a tedious process, the results of which you may never actually be satisfied with.

I just use the ICC profiles for everything, and the results are quite good.
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