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I almost ordered a Canon Rebel EOS 20D from one online camera shop, but I started to get uncomfortable with it, because on the phone (you had to confirm the order on the phone) they started asking me to add on stuff (the battery and charger weren't included; the memory card was small,etc.) And, fair enough, those are things that I need. But the problem was that I hadn't had a chance to shop around to make sure that the prices on these add-ons were reasonable. So I asked them to hold the order for a day while I checked. They got very pushy and said that they would cancel the order and I'd be "blocked" for ordering again from their site for a week.

That was a red flag for me, because if everything was on the up and up, why the pressure tactics? So I just cancelled.

But can anyone recommend a website that has good prices and is good to deal with?


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There are some very good and reputable online retailers. One other thing to note - even from reputable retailers - no one place can have the lowest prices on everything - they all have to make money somewhere - in many cases (even if they don't push them on you) these retailers make their profit on the extras you buy. Some places that sell DSLRs have great prices on bodies but high prices on lenses. So, my advice is to price your extras separately - you'd be surprised how much you save. I'll also point out that not very many have liberal return policies any more - too many people taking advantage of that (which makes sense - if there's a problem with the product fine, but if you're not sure you really want it then don't order it).

Now, with any online retailer you might buy from, I suggest looking at

www.resellerratings.com to see reviews of them. I'd be leary of companies with only a few reviews - the reputable places will have thousands of reviews.

Some places I've bought from multiple times and find very reputable - although I've never had to return anything so I can't speak to that aspect:

www.bhphotovideo.com (extremely highly recommended - most knowledgable, good policies and fair prices - but their are lower)


www.butterflyphoto.com (same company as buydig.com but sometimes prices are different - go figure)


www.newegg.com(great place for accessories like memory as well)

I always order on-line and I have NEVER had to call one of these places to 'confirm' nor have any of them ever called me to pressure me.

Good luck!

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If the battery and charger isn't included, you are being ripped off. This is a common tactic unreputable sellers use. They take things that are generally included with the camera and sell them seperately at ridiculous prices. If you try to just buy the body, then suddenly the camera is out of stock.

If you must buy on line (at make an attempt to try out the camera somewhere) there are some reputable dealers. B&H and Adorama come to mind.
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Thanks to both of you. I'm going to look into some of those online dealers, but also go to a B&M store at lunch. I do feel better that my instincts were sound about that one place. Too high pressure for me!

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I second newegg.com I've bought from them many times in the past, mainly for PC parts, and have never had a bad experience. Amazon has done me well and I have found some VERY competitive deals there lately.
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