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Default Good time-lapse cameras

I am looking into good cameras to use for time lapse photography in the studio. If anybody knows anything of value on this subject it would be greatly appreciated.
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It would also be nice if you would add several other factors in what you are searching, like say, price, brand, megapixel, and others...
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With digitals (they have to have a different name for it) they call it 'intervalometer', do a search for that term here...some Canons and Minoltas have it.
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Quite a few cameras have a time lapse capability. Unfortunately many do it in the movie mode. And if it has a 320 X 240 movie mode the results are basically useless. Full resolution time lapse is harder to come by. I think the “Interval” mode on the drive control dial with the Minolta A1 gives full 5Mp images with interval control. On the 7i you could set the intervals in minute increments up to 59 minutes. And take full resolution shots. The camera disables the display to save battery.
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The Canon G5 does well with interval shooting. Check this section of Steve's review.
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Since you are going to shoot in a studio, you can run "tethered" to the computer. I suspect that any camera with a wired remote should work that way.

What "frame rate" are you looking at? If it is much faster than about 1/sec, you should read the reviews very carefully and ask in the specific forum(s).
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the A1 now has a minimum of 30s intervals compared to the 7Hi that was 60s. you can start anywhere from 0-24 hrs too. total 240 images full size. there is also optional software for tethered shooting. still somewhat limited in interval times compared to a DSLR like a 10D,1D, 1Ds.
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Since you mentioned you're intending to use this for studio work, I assume you can run the camera 'tethered' to a PC as someone else suggested?

If so, all of the canon powershot cameras come with a remote capture program that will do interval shooting. I forget what the maximum interval is but it was quite high. The lowest setting was nearly as fast as the camera could shoot and transfer the image (less than a second I believe, or maybe 1 second at least). I've used this with the camera's USB cable hooked to a 10ft USB extension cable... should be quite flexible allowing you to get up to 12-13 feet from your PC.

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