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Default Good tripod for both digital camera and camcorder?

(I've also placed this in the Tripods and Heads Section, but thought that more folks might see it here....'hope that's okay....)


I was wondering if anyone here has a good tripod that they use for both their digital camera AND their camcorder?
I have a Minolta Dimage A1 and a Sony DCR-TRV25 Mini DV camcorder, and often take them both to my daughters' marching band/drumline/jazz/concert reviews, as well as their tae kwondo and sporting events. I got a very cheap(and kinda cheesy) tripod in the bundle I got the camcorder with. It's not very stable, and the pan swivel has a lot of stiction...and I don't think my A1 or my TRV25 deserve that! :x

I would like to keep my budget for it around $140 or less(if possible). I've been casually looking at Slik, Velbon, and Bogen/Manfrotto, but am not sure which of their models would be the most appropriate.

Lastly, could anyone please explain the benefits/advantages(or not) of having a ball head on the tripod over one of those 3-way pan and tilt heads? Please consider that this tripod is for both my digicam and my camcorder....Many thanks to all! And sorry this post is so long.... :roll:

Take care.
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These Heads have different jobs the "Ball" head is designed for Tight holding, very still shots, "Pan" Head is designed to, Like it says Pan. Mostly used for video. The ball head is not a very good candidate if any panning is to be done. I have used the Promaster 6600 (around $100) I think, For Video and stills and is very sturdy... I like its Panning abilities, which I need when I shoot Cutting Competitions, But for Stills, Macro work, and such then I use a Bogen 3221wn.. The Promaster may be what you are looking for... These companys come out with new stuff all the time so you may have to go to your local Pro shop and try some out, Basilcly A Pan head will do 90% of what you want to do. A Ball head does what is is designed to do very well , but is limited to what it will do.... Good Luck...
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Hi Dale,

Thanks for your comments! And thanks for taking the time to explain the differences between the ball head and the pan/tilt head...I realize that, with most of you here, these terms are so simple and basic...but for folks just starting out, it's like :?:

I'm considering getting a Bogen(possibly 3001Pro legs with a 3030 pan/tilt head), but the pro shop I visited today also carried the Promaster line...including their System Pro 1 and 2. Yes, they're made in China...but they look really well made and are built like a tank...all metal...self-stabilizing feet with retractable spikes...and the reversible center column can be used as a walking stick/monopod---and it'll gladly accept a Bogen head if one wishes...so I guess I should say that I'm also considering a Promaster too! :roll:

Thanks again, Dale! Take care....
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