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Default Got a new camera!

I got a new Kodak Slice camera for Christmas which replaced my Sony 60W. I use my camera mostly for family photos and eBay but I also work for a newspaper where I handle the pet page so I'd like to get a bit better at this.

My main problem right now is that when taking photos of solid color items I'm getting a large pink circle off center. I can usually get rid of it if I take the photo from another angle but it's very annoying. I have natural light coming in from a window on the right and also have a chandelier on. It happens whether I use flash or not.

Any ideas how I can avoid this?
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Welcome to Steve's. Without seeing a sample image, I'm assuming you're just seeing some lens flare, which can cause some ghost reflections of light sources in the frame (due to the way it reflects in between optical elements). Here's a page showing some examples:


The best way to avoid it is to keep any bright light sources away from the frame, and make sure no direct light sources are hitting the lens elements (like the chandelier, window you mentioned, etc.)

Using filters can make the problem worse (as anytime you add more glass elements for light to reflect in between, it can degrade optical quality). See this review of filters for some examples:


Note how bad this Tiffen is with light sources in or near the frame:


So, if my guess is correct (flare related, judging by your description), changing the angle as you've been doing is probably your best bet (try to keep any brighter light sources from hitting your lens directly whenever possible).
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Default Fantastic!

That's exactly it - thanks so much! I'll be back !
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