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I've never had a virus yet and hopefully never will. Mine can be set to get updates automatically but I like to get them myself then I can see whati'm getting. Same goes for windows update.:-)
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In today's environment, nobody is totally safe from viruses, hackers, etc. However, some protection is much better than none. IMO, the more frequent you can check for updates, the better, regardless of which product(s) you use.

As far as criticism of virus clean algorithms, none of them are perfect. The best way is to prevent them from getting to your PC to begin with. Atany given time, one virus protection software may work better than another, and vice-versa. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of people that don't seem to have anything better to do, than to write viruses, etc.

My PC uses these 3 free products:

* ZoneAlarm (protects against "hack attempts", as well as catches programs trying to "phone home). BTW, you are much more vulnerable if you have high speed internet access (I'm using a cable modem). You would probably be surprised at the number of hack attempts you'll see in the security logs after you install this program. Of course, if you don't have a Firewall, you may already have someone using the information on your PC and not know about it.

ZoneAlarm is downloadable from here (I use the free version):


* Spybot Search and Destory (to remove/guard against Spyware and Adware. It's free. Before I used Spybot, I used "Ad-aware" -- a product from Lavasoft -- whcih only caught some of these problems (mostly cookies). Spybot Search and Destroy is better at more types (although you may want to use BOTH), and you'll be surprised at how much adware/spyware you've got on your PC.

I don't think that most people realize how much their privacy is being invaded (or understand the risks involved if you have any "malicious" Spyware on your PC. Fortunately, in most cases this "Spyware/Adware" is only gathering information for marketing purposes, but malicious spyware could "ruin your day" -- if not your life.

Spybot S&D is downloadable free from here:


* AVG Antivirus (free version) for Virus Protection. I've got mine setup to download updates every night at 2:00AM, with a full system scan every morning at 4:00AM. It also links with Outlook to automatically scan inbound and outbound e-mail.

AVG Antivirus is downloadable from here:


BTW, I love the way ZoneAlarm catches attempts by software to "call home" too -- something I really can't stand (software that attempts to send information back to the vendor without your knowledge).

Of course, no firewall is totally safe. The more protection the better. Some users insist on both hardware and software firewalls, for an added measure of security.

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I use AVG its amazing I have installed it on many of my friends machines that where on the net unprotected and spreading viruses, Hence I dont have an email client on my PC I used all web based now sence they all now scan for viruses and have more storage than I will ever need.

For spyware/adware: Try Firefox instead of IE for a browser I have less that 1/10 of what I used to I only use IE for site that FireFox cant view. dont forget to update you dat files on your spyware remover too.
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Old Jul 14, 2004, 9:42 AM   #14
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FireFox is a good broswer, unfortunaltey most people switched to it from the recent virus scripting code glitch IE encountered, and then firefox got one too. FireFox is slower on the inital boot up vs IE on an about:blank page, but loads other sites MUCH faster.

I use:
Zone Alarm Pro
Norton Corporate w/ Corporate Firewall 9.1.x.x
BlackIce Defender

Other software I run occassionally includes: Spybot Search and Destroy, and Advance Registry Doctor.

I'm pretty computer literate but Advance Registry Doctor really owns, the thing is when you remove a program from your computer, a lot of times, it leaves the keys still in the registry, that way if you had like a 30 day free trial you can't uninstall then reinstall it for another 30 days. With some many extra keys in your computer, it slows down the inital load up also, since windows has to scan through the registry to see what to load.

No hijacking intended.

Now, I think he was just alerting people that he got a virus from [email protected] and to just watch out. Finding out how a worm works is rather easy, and I'm sure he knew that before anyone suggested it.
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I use a program called Mail Washer Pro in addition to all of the other pop-up, spam and virus programs. Mail Washer lets you look at your mail on the ISP server before you download. Anything I do not recognize I delete before downloading my mail. I have caught and deleted many such "spoof" mails this way.

As for a Virus from Steve's site, I don't think so! Somebody out there has an infected system and is "spoofing" the address:sad:

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