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Default great non-SLR dig

My first post...

I could buy a digital SLR, but frankly know that I won't carry it anywhere unless it's a "special occasion"....I won't want to lug it around, won't want to fret over dust on the sensor, and won't want to fret over having $4000+ worth of stuff with me! I salivate over high quality gadgets, but I actually want a camera that will really be with me and won't be a burden.

There is some talk about 'bit depth'...and how the SLRs have a greater depth compared to consumer models. Are there any non-SLRs that have pro level bit depth? I'm not sure about other issues that distinguish the quality of image between SLR and nonSLRs, but would love to learn!

I have a Canon S30 and love it...as do most....and I actually use the heck out of it. The S50 and G3 sound like great cameras, but I'd like some advice about these or other options. This will obviously be for all sorts of situations. I think I may be interested in add-on options (lenses..maybe flash), so that will be a factor.

Mainly, though, I would like to know that I have a camera that does a good job of determining the appropriate exposure in many situations, has a good lens, and a good sensor.

PS: I know that many of you may groan at my wish for a good "auto exposure", and I like to mess with aperature/shutterspeed, too....but for lots of shots, I'd like to feel reasonably confident in the camera's brain to assess the situation and give me a good workable exposure.
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You might take a look at the soon-to-be-released Panasonic Lumix. From what I have read, it will offer a 12x zoom, but have very limited manual functions. You can read the release from Steve's home page under PMA News. Hope this helps.
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As to the add-on lenses, with an adapter from ckcpower the s50 (and even your s30) can use add-on lenses, however, if it was up to me, I'd go with the g3 out of the cameras you've listed. But you may want to go with the s50 and the adapter because: a. You are already accustomed to the canon s series and b. If size is an issue, the more compact s50 may be a little more to your liking.
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Help ! What's 'bit depth' ?
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Help ! What's 'bit depth' ?
Usually refers to the number of bit in the A/D conversion. Most consumer cameras are 8-bit per channel of Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) ie 24-bit. Some higher-end camera like the 5700, F717, D7 or dSLR are 12-bit per channel. ie 36-bit color.

However this is usually round off by the camera anyway because most jpeg (or tiff) output from the cameras are only encoded as 8-bit (ie 24-bit color), and the full 12-bit (36-bit color) are only available in the raw mode... there some exception of course like Kodak14n, or other dSLRs, that can output a 36-bit jpeg.

This is only describing "bits", there also dynamic range that one has to take into consideration. A 12-bit conversion from a dynamically better response CCD is always better than a comparable 12-bit poor response CCD!
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OK....so what is the best non-slr digicam in terms of pure image quality (good glass and CCD)?
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I think because there is a direct correlation between digicams and computers, people tend to overanalyze the equipment.
It still comes down to the picture: i believe the best judgement is done throug the results. You should take a look at the results of these non-slr cameras and if you find they are what you are looking for, then thats what you need.
My experience has been that any of the upper end 4 and 5 mp digicams will do a tremendous job in taking photos. Coupled with the post-proccessing abilities of p-shop, the results really are better than a 35mm camera.
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