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Default Greetings from Ireland.

Hi all,
This is my first post here. As a quick introduction, I am an amateur/enthusiast from Ireland and have been using a Cannon EOS 500N SLR for the last 5 years and have just bought a Cannon Powershot G3.

Now for my few questions if I may..

I've been dragged into the digital world kicking and screaming.........Will I get the same or better results from my new digital camera as my old SLR?

I think I'll probably need a new printer. I have a Lexmark Z52 and results seem to be good but not as good as it looks on screen. If I'm going to purchase a new printer what model should I look at in a mid priced one.

Many thanks for any help...
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Default Welcome

You will enjoy digital photography and if you are like most of us learn from it. Also like many, I use both digital and film and I especially like slides. As for printers look closely to the ink and paper costs in your area. Good results can be obtained from most of the name brand printers and if you can afford it go for a wide format printer. I only print large sizes occasionally but when you have an especially nice photo the big print is "photagraphers heaven"
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Default HP 6110

I use a HP 6110 all in one. It prints excellent photos on HP Photo paper up to 8X10. It also faxes, copies and scans so I can get those old prints scanned and add them to my digital collection.
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Thanks for the prompt answers to my questions.
Now I have one more. I'm really impressed with my G3 so far although the time it takesto auto focus annoys me a little.

I've taken about 200 photos so far and transfered themto my pc. On the screen they look fantastic but when I print them out they look "grainey" even using maximum settings on my printer. (Lexmark Z52)

Is it a change of printer that I need ( i'm going to do that anyway) or is it something else that I'm doing wrong?
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The grainy ness of the pictures could be related to how many dots per inch the printer is making. As you can probably guess, if the printer spreads out the picture over too large an area, it won't look as good as if the dots are packed closer together.

I've generally heard good things about your G3, but you should be warned. Consumer grade digital cameras (of which the G3 is one) don't have as good AF as film cameras. This is because money that would have gone into better AF parts is instead spent on the digital sensor (and other parts that are only in digital cameras.)

Another thing you'll find is that the time between pressing the shutter button and the picture actually being taken (shutter lag)will be longer than you'd like. Film cameras have a very short shutter lag, but most consumer grade digital cameras have a longer shutter lag.

As for your exact printer model I can't help you. Epison mades some very good printers and many support archival inks. This is great, because they will last longer (resist fading longer) than the average printer. Personaly, I have a Desk Jet 722c, but if I start printing out lots of pictures I'll probably get an Epison 2200. A bit expensive (and a bit old) but produces really good output.

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The z52 has the ability to print at 2400X1200 which should produce good photos. When you go to print make sure that you set the printer to the highest quality print and use good photo paper.
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Mac1 - eliminate possible problems in your screen or printer /editing software by taking some files straight off the camera (no editing) to Boots for real photo prints. At the mo. in UK they're doing a deal: 24 hour service 50 6X4 prints for 5!!!. Or you can also upload to photobox.co.uk or look here:


When you get the prints back, if they look ok start checking out your monitor/printer. If they look poor it could be camera settings. Others might disagree, but I've found their Fuji Frontier commercial printers they use pretty consistent over some of my inkjet attempts.

Happy New Year - VOX
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