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Default Grey Market Lenses

I've heard of grey market but I'm not sure what it is. I found the 70-180mm f/4.5-5/6D AF ED Micro Zoom Nikkor online for $679 and $59 for a 7 year warrenty. What's the story?
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"Gray Market" generally means that the item was purchased outside of the US and therefore is NOT covered by any US warrentee... If you were to have a problem with the lens, would have to be repaired by a third party repair or sent back to the original country!
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Default Gray Market

Gray Market items are dangerous to purchase. I would avoid Gray Market cameras, lens, etc. I have heard that some vendors will not even repair Gray Market products.
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For what it's worth, I am an equipment freak who has had more cameras and lenses than I can count over many years. When I can save a lot, which isn't all that often, I have bought grey market and never been disappointed, except once, and Canon fixed that lens for me. If they charged me, I don't recall, it wasn't unreasonable.

I do only buy grey market from B&H, so I know there is no "funny business" involved.

However, unless you buy a lot of equipment, spring for the USA product. Over the long-pull, it isn't worth the worry. For sure, I would never buy grey market from anybody buy B&H.

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"Grey market" is the products that did not market properly through USA authorized dealers or distributors. They are sometimes the exact same models that sold here in the USA, but they may have some minor modifications ( for an example the Nikon F80 is the same as the N80 that sold here in the US). Most of the "grey market " products carry international warranty, that means if there are somthing wrong with the products, you have to send them back overseas to receive services. Some of them are back by the store warranty such as products you buy from B & H, which the store assumes liability for the warranty and they contracts a third party company to handle the services. The 7 years warranty that you mentioned is one of the option that the products you purchase will be warranteed through a third party company (a general contractor, and I think in this case is Mack, sold by most NY mail order dealers). In general, if you buy products with USA warranty, you can bring them to any local authorized dealers when you need services, and therefore it will be much more convienence for you, but the price you pay for these products will be higher than the products that we discussed as the above. As a rule of thumb, if you want to buy "grey market" products to save money, you must know the products that you buy and buy them through a very reliable mail order such as B & H. Cheers
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Default THANKS

This was the first post I've made on this board and I knew just from watching and reading it for the last couple of months that anything I needed to know about Digital Photography, I could find out here.

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