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I saw a few panoramic shots that are unbelievable.. it intriged me.. So now I ask what are the steps to creating it. I understand the basics of using layers in photoshop and such, but tips about actually capturing the picture? what about printing. who will print "professional" panoramics

once again, thanks for your time

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If your camera has a "panographic" mode, use it. If not, use the manual mode on your camera to eliminate changes in exposure as you move your camera from shot to shot.

If you have a tripod, use it. I have done some hand held panos, but it's pretty dicey. Overlap your shots by 10-30% and avoid anything that moves (people, ocean waves, etc.).

There are some pretty good free progams out there to stitch pictures together. Photoshop (and Elements) has the capability built-in. Another interesting program is a "freeby" by the University of British Columbia (Google it). This one is very smart... it'll line up horizontal and vertical rows/columns of pictures with little intervention by the user. It's a great starter program.

Printing a pano can be a problem, depending on your printer. Try capturing panos and stitching them together before you consider printing them.
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1) There are all kinds of rules for shooting panoramas: fixed exposure, level tripod, nodal point rotation, shooting fast enough to avoid light level changes, fixed white balance, X% overlap, ...

2) Every one of those rule can be broken.

3) You will have fewer problems and be able to use simpler software if you follow the rules.
Just get out and start shooting. Don't worry much about any of the rules, but do try to figure out why any of your bad attempts failed.

IMHO, the biggest issue for shooting panoramas is the same as shooting any other kind of photo: figuring out where to stand. That is harder with a panorama since you cannot preview the completed shot in the viewfinder/LCD.
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