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Default Handing your camera to someone else to take your picture

Whenever I go out with my camera I don't appear much in my pictures for obvious reasons - I am behind the camera most of the time. In order to appear I have to either set the camera with the self timer so that I can slip into the scene or hand the camera to someone else.

More often than not, people tend to get too far away from the subject (me in this case) and I often ops: end up asking the person to try again after I set the camera zoom for them and tell them to shot right from the spot I am standing without moving away. Other times I have cropped the image to get better composition before printing the picture.

Why are most people so afraid to fill the frame or get up close?
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most people want EVERYTHING they see into that ONE single frame.
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Default They are probably uncomforable

I know when I am vacationing, I'm uncomfortable with peope continually coming up to me to ask me to take their picture and I am familiar with a camera. Look how hard it is to learn to take good pictures youself and then ask a stranger to take a picture. Chances are they are not farmiliar with the camera and feel uneasy already. Now asking them to compose the shot is a little much. I would say just be thankful they were willing to help and set-up the shot before you ask them to shoot it like you have been doing.

Another tip might be to teach someone with you how to use your camera. They might get interested in photography too and it gives you a chance to not only get in some shots, but to pass on your skills. I have two small toddlers that think its a real privalage to take some pictures and they do pretty good (although it can be somewhat hazardous for you camera if you're not extremely careful)
I always put the neckstrap on them so if the camera drops, it doesn't have far to go.
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I find the opposite to be a problem. Whenever I go on holidays or anywhere where me appearing in the picture is justified, I want to capture the background scenery and for people looking at the end picture to be able to straight away identify the location from the background. I don't want lots of pictures of me, me, me with a fake smile and glimpses of the background that may or may not be what it's hinting to be.
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Living at Bondi Beach Aus I get a lot of requests for pics, I always make sure I put my hand through a strap before taking if off them, I usuall also ask if they want it with or without heads (joking of course)
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recently a japanese couple asked me to take a picture at our local forrest top walk, I took two for them, one full length so they could see the Australian forrest canopy and one close up. I have no problem doing this.
I have found if I ask for a photo of myself the person usually takes a full length.

Many people will not get in close even with there own cameras. they seem to be stuck in a time warp of old silly rules such as "one must have the whole head in the shot", no zooming in for the effect of the eyes :? and always having the sun behind them, hence the squinting eyes of those in the picture. A friend recently told me she waits for sunny days to take photos of the children, she spends most of her time telling them to stop squinting I told her to give cloudy overcast days a go.
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