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bradg Jan 21, 2004 8:34 PM

Has This Ever Happend To you?
just wondering if this has ever happend to you

i was shooting a jr high b-ball game today, i was right under the basket, chimping, when the buzzer went off, i looked up and saw a ball from the oposite side of the court flying toward me! i would have moved but there was not any time, the air ball hit me in my right sholder, it didn't hurt but i thought, if was over and down, that would have hit me in the nose, and that would hurt!

so, has anything like this happened to any one else before?

steve Jan 21, 2004 11:57 PM

I never got nailed on the basketball court but I got run over several times on the sidelines of the football field. I never worried about physical injury except to my photo gear 8)

Seems that I made more than a few enemies on the football teams after I blinded them with my Graflex Stroboflash. FYI for you young guys - that was a large and VERY powerful flash unit that was powered by a car battery-sized power pack with a 510V battery inside. It easily lit the football field from one sideline to the other when set on HI power. Now those were the days ...


sensovision Jan 22, 2004 3:13 AM

Hi Brad, you've scared me a lot since when I've start reading your post and look on your avatar I've imagine that you've make a photos of this game with your camera, so I thought than in the end of story you'll tell that camera was broken and you have to look for new one :shock: but thanks God I was wrong :wink: and you didn't wrote about camera, as for ball I remeber when I was a kid, I've got like this by the ball but it doesn't hurt much from what I remeber 8)

Chrisr Jan 22, 2004 7:32 AM

Never had it happen with a camera in hand, thank goodness. I did have it happen playing first base. I wasn't paying attention, adjusting the laces on my glove. While I was looking downward the runner faked a move like he was going to steal second and out of the corner of my eye.....HERE COMES THE BALL!!!!! Whap!!!!!!! right in the cheek!

ACSmith Jan 22, 2004 12:21 PM

I've been hit in the nose with a basketball (not from the other end of the court). It didn't hurt right away, but stunned me enough to drop the camera (minor damage only). The pain and swelling came later. :oops:

Proves the old saying that applies to sports, wildlife, and probably most types of photography... Always be aware of your surroundings!

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