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outdoorsur Oct 11, 2008 9:46 AM

C:\Users\Pearson Family PC\Pictures\2008-10-06 Blowing Rock 2\Blowing Rock 2 029.JPG[img]file:///C:/Users/Pearson%20Family%20PC/Pictures/2008-10-06%20Blowing%20Rock%202/Blowing%20Rock%202%20029.JPG[/img]

I don't know if this photo posted but I'll keep trying

JimC Oct 11, 2008 10:57 AM

To embed a photo that's located on your hard drive (versus a web site), use the Browse Button you'll see when making or editing a post here (you'll see the Browse button under the Text Entry portion of the screen when you are typing). See this thread about it:

How to post your photos

It's best to downsize it to around 640 to 720 pixels wide for display here. That way, members don't have to scroll left and right to see the entire image and the text in the forum thread it's in.

If you don't have an editor you use for resizing, you may want to try the the free Irfanview.

After you open an image, select "Image>Resize/Resample" and make the width around 640 to 720 pixels wide for posting. Leave the Preserve Aspect Ratio box checked. After you click OK, use the "File>Save As" menu choice and give it a new filename (making sure to save it as a jpeg file). I'd set the Quality slider you see come up at around 80% to keep the file size within limits.

Then, when you make a post, you can browse for it using the Browse button you'll see here and include it in your post.


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