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I am hoping you can help me. I have a friend on the other side of the world who has a Canon Powershot A560. I cannot for the life of me understand how his pictures he takes with the camera is coming out at 3072x2304 and resulting in pictures only 1.4MEGES! YET the quality of the image is almost like it's being HIGHLY COMPRESSED... VERY pixellated. All other people who have that size "3072pixels" seem to produce images over 3 MEGS..

He claims this as being his exact way of taking the pictures from his camera.. He and I are getting frustrated because we need his pictures for the calendars we produce.

"Ok , I will Explain how I retrieve my Pictures ,I been do the Same Thing since I got this Computer ,First I take my Pictures with my Canon Power Shot A-560 it's not a Chep Camera ! It's list for over $ 300. After I have Taken the Pictures I wanted ,I remove the Memory Card Slid it into my Computer Which as is Not Cheap ! AND place the pictures into a File once I have Done that ,I go to my E-Mail Program Fine you Contacts E-Mail , Deiced which Pictures I like you to View and SENT ! The Same as ANYONE would do to Send Pictures - E-Mail or Document's Are you Saying I might Need to Save the Pictures IN A DIFERENT WAY ?? Ok tell me How and I will Save them like that and then SEND !"

According to him, he is just taking the pictures from the camera and sending them to us. I was assuming he was opening the pictures in a graphics program and saving them HIGHLY COMPRESSED. That would be the ONLY explination I could see.. How is that possible to take a LARGE pixel image straight from the camera and come out as if it's been compressed like 70-90% resulting in HORRIBLE QUALITY?

Here is just 1 of the pictures. You'll notice the pysical size is large, filesize is small, and quality is as if it's been compressed JPG like 80-90%! Look at the license plate for example, can barely read it!


We are at a loss and have no idea how to help this gentleman. It's holding up the production of the calendars as well.



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That photo was taken using Digital Zoom. Don't do that unless you want to degrade image quality.

If you use a 2x digital zoom (and that one was using 1.9x digital zoom), you only have 1/4 (not just 1/2) the original pixels captured by the camera's sensor representing your subject. The camera is just cropping the image (removing the outside edges) to simulate more optical zoom, and interpolating the image (adding pixels that were not captured by the camera's sensor based on adjacent pixels), to enlarge the image back to the original size. Digital Zoom degrades image quality. Don't use it. If you want your subject to fill a greater portion of the frame, move closer and turn off the Digital Zoom feature so that you don't accidently use it. ;-)

BTW, what kind of car is that? The grill appears to be a 68 Camaro (rectangular parking lamps), and the hood appears to be from a 68 SS model. But, the body appears more 69ish (and I also see headrests on the seats which were not present in 68 Camaros but added by Chevrolet in the 69 models). I've had a few of both (including a 68 Camaro Super Sport, only mine had a 325HP 396 in it, which is the only 396 they offered if you wanted A/C). I did rebuild it though (pop top pistons, new heads, etc.).

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JimC is right on about the digital zoom. Tell your friend to go to the menu and scroll down to digital zoom, and turn it off. The A560 is a very capable camera, but digital zoom is unnecessary for this type of shot. And detrimental as well.
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