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I have a business selling puppies http://mrpitbull.com/. During the winter I can not take the puppies outside to shoot their pictures. I want to setup a small studio in my basement. I have tried taking pictures with the flash on the camera and am not happy with the results. With the flash the camera is not fast enough. Using a Olympus 510. The camera leaves a lot to be desired in the flash mode (very slow, and often times will not fire at all without refocusing). Therefore I want to put up some artificial lighting in the hopes I can use the camera in burst mode without flash. I need a recommendation on the kind of lighting you would choose. Remember I will only be using the equipmentevery so often, and looking for something that will do thejob at an affordable price.

Additionally, I would like to consider getting some type of backdrop system that would make the pictures appealing. Any suggestions here wouldbe appreciated as well. Ihave considered building a small (4'x4') platform and filing it with a layer of rocks for the puppies tobe photographed on. I suppose Ican shoot downward and only have the rocks visible in the pictures, as is the case with some on mywebsite. Any ideas here as well. I am sure as you look over my site http://mrpitbull.com/you will know doubt have other suggestions looking a my photos.Letting everyone know, don't be afraid to hurt my feelings with suggestions, I know I am an amateur.

Thanks for the Help.
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