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hey guys, Im gonna be getting a new 6MP camera soon and am really excited about getting wide angle, zoom, etc lens and taking a bunch of pictures...

here is my problem... iv never done it before.. I have taken snap shots before of my son, parties, etc but never taken "photos" before.... i know it prolly takes alot of practice and imagination... but what are some basic things to take pictures of that turn out nice that we see in everyday life? i live in Texas and we dont have 100ft waterfalls and stuff...

any ideas? or examples
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I'd suggest getting an inexpensive point and shoot camera to start. There's a lot to learn and some of the low cost cameras have a lot of features that will teach you the basics. I bought my wife a Canon A75... it's small, compact and about $170 on the Web. I have a Canon 20D DSLR, and was right where you are about four years ago.

Look around for a book and ask lots ofquestions on sites like this one.

Merry Christmas
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OOBOLT- At the risk of sounding philosophical(?)

The photographic experiemce is just that. The camera and related gear are no more than tools. The goal for many of us, is to see an object/group/setting/scene/person/event and record it as our minds see it.

certain so-called 'rules' come in to play, only because they are guidelines that improve the viewing of a shot. There have been arguments for a hundred years as to whether or not, photography is an art form.

I would suggest you learn the mechanics of your camera so you can get the best from it under various situations.

Remember - its all about light.

Pick a topic - Doorways/city scenes/trees/sporting events- anything you have (or had) an interest in. Push yourself and your camera to the fullest.

Your shots are free - so instead of one or two - shoot six of the same scene. You will begin to see subtle differences in a sequence. An eye moves - A hand gestures.

Copy something you always admired - it will teach you what the subject requires in order to get the "special" something.

One of my guys at work loves to shoot birds. I get so damned sick of his weekly bird shots you can't believe it. But he loves to go out there and try. And that is what it's all about.

Good Shooting - Jon Ferguson
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Jon hs some good advice. I'd just add that you should look at good photographs. Books and visits to art galleries. Think about how the picture was made. Light levels and direction. Standing in the right place. Cropping.

On a more technodweebish note, get an EXIF viewer if one did not come with your camera. That will tell you the camera settings so you can experiment and have a better idea of what you did.
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On this site there is a contest of sorts - more like an assignment. I suggest you do something like that. Photography is actually all in your mind - the camera is only a tool to get ot OUT of your mind.

Go to the Post your Picture forum and look for the Weekly challange.

also go to Photo.Net and look at their Gallery - you will be in awe but you'll get ideas.

[email protected]
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