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Default Help choosing computer for digital pics and video

I'm new to digital camera's and also got a mini DV camcorder, recently. This old computer is lacking for digital editing purposes. Do any of you have any sugestions for a good computer set up with a DVD/CD burner that's reasonably priced? Or perhaps somebody know's a good BB site where I could go ask this question. I'm not a computer geek so I need some help making a good decision.
Anyway, thanks for any help you might have for me.

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Circuit City has this for $640 after rebates: eMachines T3025 Computer, Emachines EView 17F2 17-in. CRT Monitor, Lexmark Z705 color Printer. AMD Athlon XP 3000+ 2.1 GHz CPU. 512 MB DDR RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, DVD-ROM & CD-RW Drives. nVidia 64MB GeForce4 MX graphics

It isnít going to be eye watering but competent. It isnít likely to be very expandable with a micro ATX board with only a couple of slots available and a minimal power supply. A friend is on his second E-Machines after lightening fried his 2 year old one and they are OK. The monitor isnít bad. Definitely not a gaming machine with MX graphics but more than sufficient for anything else.

You probably want a firewire port for the camcorder. Most computers come with one anymore but it is worth a check. The cards arenít expensive or hard to install, but you donít want to fill up your limited slots.

I built my current computer and was able to choose my parts, so I got what I wanted rather than what someone wanted to put on the computer. Iím sure I got a better computer out of it than if I had gone with E-Machines or even Dell, but it isnít something everyone would enjoy and you do have to do a lot of research. Putting the computer together is a piece of cake though.

You might look to see whether the E-Machines video card allows dual monitors since it comes with one and you obviously already have one. Some of the GeForce MX cards do. It is great for any kind of graphics work with the tools on one screen and the picture you are working on full screen on the main monitor. You can write stuff referenced to the internet, compare things and all kinds of good stuff. The monitors donít have to be the same or even the same size.

You might look on Dell.com Ė they have some great specials. Especially if your current monitor is sufficient.

You might ask for suggestions on this board: http://forums.techguy.org/f19/sd2b10...48fe70a51dbab7 If you decide to build your own the CPU and Motherboard forum here is probably the best you will find for good help Ė they saved me from a big mistake building mine. http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve
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I recently got an excelent deal at Dell's Outlet site. Go to Dell and look for the Outlet ICON. They have really good deals that I couldn't beat elsewhere - unless you are afraid of refurbished machines (note they still carry Dell's one-year on-site warranty even though they are refurbished).
I saved about $500-$600 from a new machine on a Dell 8300 with 2.8G P4, 512MB RAM, 800MHz FSB, 80GB HD, etc.
For digital video you may want to shoot for at least a Gig or RAM and a larger hard-drive (250GB) if you plan on doing a lot of editing, etc. Also - from what I understand, for digital video you also want to try for the faster Front Side Bus speed for memory access.
Another place to check out is www.tigerdirect.com. They have PCs buy systemmax at excellent prices.
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Originally Posted by cczych
Another place to check out is www.tigerdirect.com. They have PCs buy systemmax at excellent prices.
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Tiger direct is a pretty well respected online site. I know lots of folks who have bought computers, digicams, etc. from them without issue.
I recently bought all my in-home wireless networking gear from them.
I see no reason not to would trust them.
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