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I am purchasing a new Dell 8400 Media Center PC and am trying to decide between their two 20" LCD Monitors.

1) Widescreen 20.1", 16:10 aspect ratio 17" x 10.7" Model 2005FPW

2) Normal Ratio 20.1" 4:3 aspect ratio 16" x 12" Model 2001FP

Both are in their "Ultrasharp" family with very similar specs. The widescreen is a new model with 'slightly' better contrast ratio specs, but otherwise I would consider the two models identical in "quality".

Given my primary uses of (in order): Email, Internet, Editing and Slideshows of Pictures, MS Office, Ripping my CD collection, watching DVD/TV (new pc will have TV Tuner internal and can act as a PVRecorder).

What monitor would you choose?

Price is identical.
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Well, purely for the picture editing side of things, the wider picture might be slightly nice because you can put floating menus off to the side, or open up two portrate-shaped picture side by side (maybe.) That might be nice.

Even better, the higher contrast will be very nice, as LCD monitors normally don't have enough contrast.

If you were TRULY very serious about picture editing (you don't say either way) I would still not recommend an LCD monitor. Their contrast and saturation just isn't as good as the good CRTs, and they cost more too boot.

I just got a wide screen TV, and like it a lot. It's wonderful to watch DVD's on. Seeing movies how they were intended, instead of that evil thing... pan-and-scan. I highly recommend them for that.

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The "widescreen" is gaining popularity for computer monitors and I would go with that. It has more horizontal space and you may find that useful. I have a laptop at work with a "widescreen" monitor and I've started liking it.

Also, the "widescreen" is likely better for viewing movies.

The main negatives I can think of include: smaller vertical size (not noticeable IMO), and possibly problems with some applications supporting the resolution (eg. games)...
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