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cock3tail Aug 20, 2006 9:21 PM

Hi all, I need some help. For some time now when I save pictures that I have taken, I right click on any picture and then click on properties and then click on summary and all the details regarding that picture is displayed. But not any more. Recently I have changed a number of settings on the camera, and then changed back to where I think the camera was set at,but still no go. Even clear settings doesn't help either. What am I doing wrong? The camera is a Canon 20D. Thanks for any help.

JimC Aug 20, 2006 9:54 PM

What software are you using to see the information?

Are you talking about when right clicking on an image using Windows Explorer?

If so, you may have missed a step (Advanced).

To see EXIF, "right click" on a file in Windows Explorer, and select Property, Summary, Advanced. But, it doesn't show you WB settings or some of the manufacturer specific info.

Yet another way to view EXIF is using IExif from Opanda. When you right click on an image in Windows Explorer, you'll see a new choice for viewing EXIF after you install it. It also works with Internet Explorer.

After loading it, you can also install a plugin for Firefox so that you can see EXIF in images using Firefox without downloading them. I use it often for looking a camera settings from posted images to check for any obvious problems.

Note, if you have changed the images in any way, the software you used for editing or downsizing may have stripped out the EXIF. For example, Photoshop will strip out this information if you use the Save for Web option.

cock3tail Aug 20, 2006 11:08 PM

Thanks Jim, By clicking on advanced as you suggested has solved the problem, however I didn't need to before. Thank you so much for your help.:cool:

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