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Default Help, I need varying brightness adjustment!

I have a large panoramic photo (see preview below) that I am trying to edit at the moment. It is all stitched together nicely but I have a problem; I took the photo in a bit of a hurry and got my exposure settings wrong so while each photo blends into the next, when you look at the pano as a whole the left side is much darker than the right hand side.

How can I edit it so that I can brighten the left hand side while progressively leaving the right hand side alone, resulting in a more uniform image when finished? Iím assuming that some graphics editor out there has the ability to alter brightness settings along with a kind of gradient overlay that can be set by the user or something like that, but which one?

I use PhotoImpact 8 on my own PC and have been unable to find such a feature on it. I know people that have most graphics packages between them, so if there is a specific program that can do it, I can always go any use their computers.

I hope that makes sense, the following photo should give you an idea of what exactly needs to be doneÖ

Thanks in advance for any help. At about 32000◊1400 pixels this is potentially a great photograph, but I'm unhappy with it at the moment because of it's extreme varying exposure.

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Ed, Photoshop has a gradient tool. It's in the same group as the paint bucket. It can be set to lighten, darken, dodge, burn, etc. With some experimentation you should be able to get it to do what you want.
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