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hanzy Sep 14, 2005 12:43 PM

Hi. Juz bought M104R for abt 2 weeks. I thought the images are quite good for awhile until i zoom in into the pic. I can see alot of brightly lit dots all over. I was wondering if it has something wrong with the lens, or the settings, lighting etc. It occurs mostly in indoor shots. As such, i did alot of testings to determine the cause but to no avail. I oso tested with my ixus v3 to compare.

So i decided to seek help from the pros here. I noticed that kyocera image is 72 dpi. I was stunned to see thatmy old ixus v3 is 180dpi. I started to wonder if the dpi really affect the image quality? cos the ixus images don't have such problem. But sometimes, there are onli a few overlit pixel. Below are some of the testing pics. Took at 12am+ .
Is this camera problem?

Ixus v3.iso 100, super fine. Shutter 1s, F/4. Spot.

m410r. iso 100, fine, shutter 0.66s F/3, center (the problem pic)

m410r. iso 100, fine, shutter1s F/3, center (taken at a later time)

zeeshan Oct 6, 2005 5:06 AM


well, sorry to read about your expereince with your new cam..:roll:

if it is new, then no problem with the lense i hope, for this try to shooot outdoors at this resolution you shot and see the results , also shoot some indoor photos :dude:

you must play with your cam for different photo modes, i,e the camera settings vary in different modes, try white balance, shutter lag, iso etc....

hope so, you'll find the way :-)



BillDrew Oct 6, 2005 7:47 AM

No comment on the photos - dial-up is much to slow to look at them. Crop out a small section and put that up instead of the whole photo. A key question is, "Do the bight spots always show up in the same place?" If they show up pretty much at random, it is likely noise. If they always are in the same place, there could be a flaw in your camera.

The dpi has make no difference whatsoever until you print - then it determines the size of your print unless the printing program over rides it (which most do). There is a place for dpi in the EXIF data and some programs will gag if it is not filled in. So the camera manufacturer puts a number there. It is entirely arbitrary. Could be anything. Doesn't matter what it is.

hanzy Oct 8, 2005 11:45 AM

thx for the replies. and yes the white spots are in the same place in some pictures. But recently, i dint notice the white spots anymore.. kinda strange. But im glad. And the for enlightening me about the dpi info. :-)

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